Find, Focus, Finish

One of the biggest ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet became home to our Eagle Managers this year. Can you imagine the sheer size a ship must be to fit thousands of FBOs and have an ice rink, a performance theater, dozens of retail stores, several restaurants, multiple swimming pools and thousands of guest rooms? The Freedom of the Seas, the aptly named ship we were on, is more than 338 meters long and has 18 decks in total!

Sure, the sheer number of people the cruise ship could hold was amazing, but the power of this machine and how it was run by the crew is what really fascinated me. On our last day, I had the opportunity to tour the Bridge of the ship, where the Captain does all the work. It was really amazing to think that with just a few simple instruments, he could turn this towering ship with ease. Watching as this enormous ship was controlled so precisely by just a small joystick and a few throttles was a reminder of the simple things we do that have a massive impact on our business.

The focus of this year’s Eagle Manager’s Retreat training was on three objectives – Find, Focus, Finish. Find: Define your goals. What do you want out of your Forever business journey? Map it. Focus: How will you make it a reality? Take the controls into your hands. Finish: Make the commitment to achieve what you set out to and don’t let anything sway you. Your business might seem like a big thing with a lot of moving parts, but just like this massive ship, by just mastering a few small things, you can have a lot of power and momentum! And, if you treat your qualification period like you need to board the ship before it leaves, you’ll be guaranteed to make it every time. 

Now, set your sights on reaching the finish line for Global Rally and Eagle Manager’s Retreat 2018. As we are in the last quarter of the year, I am confident that if you apply Find, Focus, Finish to your business there will be nothing stopping you from joining us to celebrate our 40th anniversary in the United States.

Keep Smiling,

Gregg Maughan
President, Forever Living Products