Finding the Opportunity

A few months ago, we talked about innovation – the need to make progress and accept change to stay relevant and grow in what we do.  But, it can be hard to accept change.  The things we know and understand always seem easier than taking a chance or facing the unknown.

Those of you who were at Global Rally in Dubai, know that I wasn’t able to join you this year.  For me, this was a change that was hard and something that wasn’t taken lightly. Did you know that this is the first Forever Rally I have ever missed?  But I assure you, it wasn’t without good reason.  Two people who are very important to me weren’t doing very well and Ruth and I made a decision to stay close by as they recover.

One of them is a dear friend and has been part of the Forever family since the very beginning.  You all know and love Rjay Lloyd.  Rjay and I go back a long way.  In fact, we went to school together and even dated the same girls!  In March, Rjay suffered a stroke.  I am happy to share with you that he is recovering well and it won’t be long before he is dancing with you all again at our next event!

​The other dear friend I mentioned is my baby sister. Sue is battling a serious illness right now.  We are hoping and praying for the best, but wanted to be close by in case she and Rjay needed us.

As we are confronted with changes and tough decisions, an opportunity arises.  For me, not being able to attend Global Rally in Dubai was an opportunity to spend time with those who needed me and to rely on Gregg’s leadership and ability to celebrate your successes – something I knew he would excel at! 

Gregg is a great son and an incredible leader for our company.  I am thrilled at what he is achieving.  His double your sales campaign is a great idea, and I encourage you to get on board and promote it in your groups.  What a difference it will make if we all do just a little bit more!  

Now, I don’t want you to think that I wasn’t celebrating your successes with you from afar!

Thanks to technology, I was able to watch the Global Rally livestream from the boardroom each day with some of our dedicated Home Office team – even with the time difference!  I have known many of you for so long that to see you achieve a new level in our marketing plan or earn a bigger Chairman’s Bonus check was such a rewarding experience for me and one I was grateful to share with our team here in the office.

Change can be tough – but amazing things can come from it and we are at a great place to leap into the future of Forever.  I am so excited about some of the new things that will be coming soon – especially our brand new Aloe Vera Gel in the tetra packaging.  This innovation is something the team has been working on for a long time and will help to propel your business forward. 

Be bold. Don’t fear change and find the opportunity in every obstacle.

Forever Yours,

Rex Maughan