Finding Your Strength

Do you ever get the feeling that you are inadequate or lost? This world has a funny way of doing that to us. With billions of people in the world, we still have times when we feel alone or incapable of completing something on our own. But, this is very far from the case.

There is a story about a young boy and his father who were hiking through a forest. They came upon a large log that was blocking their path. Excited and eager to show off for his father, the boy ran up to the log and examined the obstacle.

The boy turned to his father and asked, “Do you think I can lift this log, Dad?” The father responded that if he used all of his strength, he absolutely would be able to lift the log. Thrilled at the challenge, the boy took a deep breath, rolled up his sleeves and bent down to pick up the log. He tried with all of his power, over and over until he couldn’t manage to try any longer.

Desperate and saddened by his failure, he looked at his father and said, “You told me I could lift it!” His dad just smiled and said, “I told you could lift it if you used all of your strength, but you didn’t ask me for help.”

In the end, there is never a time where we really are alone in this world. When we feel inadequate or unable to move the obstacles in our path, there is only one way to find a solution. Ask for help. The boy and his father moved the log together and continued on their journey.

Just like the boy, you have the support of some very powerful people in your life – your uplines and downlines. Together, you make a strong network of people who are chasing your dreams and willing to do what it takes to find happiness and success for themselves and for others.

Whatever life throws at you, you are always strong enough to get through it. You just have to remember to use all of your strength, within you and around you.


Forever Yours, 

Rex Maughan 
Founder and CEO