Finish the Race

What is it about the Olympic Games that so completely captivate us?

As Rex mentioned last month, there is something incredibly special about sports that unite us and speak to us. It’s hard not to draw analogies and parallels with athletic performance and success in our business, as there are so many common elements. But today, I want to call out just one. It’s not that this attribute is more important than another, I just don't hear it mentioned often enough. That attribute is to be a FINISHER. 

All champions and successful people possess a characteristic that requires them to finish what they start. Rarely is an Olympic champion a person that quits when the going gets tough. Never is a successful networker a quitter. Even in the face of almost certain defeat, a champion keeps fighting, clawing and stumbling to that finish line. Even if the final result does not matter, the champion does not quit. It becomes a personal thing. Even when the stadium is empty, the lights turned off and everyone has gone home, a finisher still finds the end line.

John Stephan Akhwari, a Tanzanian marathon runner, demonstrated the power of finishing at the Mexico Olympics in 1968. During the grueling race, he fell badly and damaged his knee. The medical staff treated him on the course and advised him to pull out of the race. Hours after the winner had been crowned, in a darkened and almost empty stadium, a bandaged and bloody young man limped in and finished the race. When asked why he did not pull out, he humbly and powerfully replied, “My country did not send me 5,000 miles to start the race. They sent me to finish.”

When you joined Forever, you joined to finish. You joined to qualify for our incentives and to share our products with as many people as you could. You joined to bring financial choices and lifestyle changes for you and your family. Don’t quit now, stick to it and you will finish the race. You have it in you because you are a finisher and that is what makes you a powerful business owner.

Keep Smiling,

Gregg Maughan