Learn how to stick to your New Year's resolution.

Hi there Forever friends!

I hope you all have had a great Christmas and a really Happy New Year! This time of the year many people make New Year resolutions. Often these are about living a healthier life, losing weight and/or get fitter, being more active etc. These are all great things to promise yourself, but it’s not always as easy to stick to them! Here is some advice that can help you on your way!

  • Start easy and increase gradually

  • One common fault we make is going for the “all or nothing” strategy. For example; we promise ourselves to never eat sugar again or to go to the gym every day, but often that promise won’t last. Maybe one, two weeks tops, then something comes in our way. We lose motivation, we get sick or something else happens and then we have to start all over again. My advice is to make small changes, one at a time, and increase gradually. Your body will adapt better to your new habits that way.

  • Discipline

  • It may sound like a cliché, but sometimes discipline is the only thing that prevents you from failing when you lose motivation. Some days you’ll feel really motivated and some days you won’t. That’s how life works! I really think that exercise should be fun, but you need to accept the fact that not every workout you do will be fun. Some days you just need to do the work out. Not because it will be fun but because you have discipline and because you know it’s good for you. And when it feels really tough remember: You’ll never regret the workouts
    you did…only the ones you didn’t do!

  • Find yourself a training buddy

  • It’s much more fun to exercise if you are doing it together with someone else who encourage you to do your best. Also, it’s so much more difficult to skip a workout
    if someone else is there waiting for you…

  • Buy some new healthy cookbooks

  • It’s very easy to be stuck in your old, and sometimes not so healthy, eating habits. Buy yourself some new healthy cookbooks to get inspiration in the kitchen and find yourself new and healthier favorite dishes!

  • Be nice to yourself

  • Even if you make a mistake or take a step backwards – be nice to yourself. Don’t brood over it, accept it and move on!

  • Stick to the plan!

  • Last but not least – make up your mind and stick to the plan.



You can do it!
Good luck!

Annika Sjoo, Global F.I.T. Athlete