Forever's Facilities are Getting Upgraded

There is one thing that Forever prides itself on when it comes to its products: quality. Forever Living Products has operated for nearly 40 years with the care and passion for delivering the best quality of Aloe Vera from plant to product to you. 

Recently, our manufacturing facilities and Aloe Vera plantations have made significant upgrades to make Forever's products even better! If you aren't excited about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into the Forever products already, then you will be after learning about these upgrades!

Universal Aloe 

At the Aloe Vera plantations in the Dominican Republic, there are thousands of acres of Aloe Vera. Combine the Aloe in the DR and the Aloe Vera at the Mission, Texas location and it's clear that Forever has become a leader in growing these incredible plants. 

Recently, Forever has made an investment to upgrade the tanks, machinery and technology with state of the art equipment that is new on the market. This massive undertaking is a testament to the commitment of our leadership to ensure our Forever Business Owners and customers are given nothing less than the highest quality of Aloe. 

Universal Aloe has also recently kicked off a project to expand the Aloe fields, which includes adding additional acreage on a monthly basis. This is giving Forever the power to grow alongside your business. 

Aloe Vera of America

Have you ever visited the Aloe Vera of America (AVA) facility in Dallas, Texas? Much of the product that is sold around the globe goes through AVA. In fact, AVA recently hit a new record by shipping 92 40-ft. containers around the world in just one week! That's a lot of product! 

Aloe Vera of America also recently launched a new multi-million dollar ERP system, which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It may sound like a complicated technological tool, but understanding the huge impact that it will have on the availability and efficiency of product manufacturing is simple. This system will give AVA the ability to look into the steps along the manufacturing process, starting with the product demand. It will allow the staff at AVA to plan orders of raw materials to make sure they are meeting the demand and getting products shipped to you more efficiently. 

Sometimes, it can take AVA up to three months to get raw materials to make the products. Then, because every material that enters the Forever facilities go through rigorous testing to ensure quality, another few months may be needed. By the time these products are ready to be shipped, it could be more than six months from the beginning of the process. The new ERP system will give AVA the ability to better plan ahead so you can get your products when you need them. 

Forever Nutraceutical 

In 2018, all Eagle Managers will have the opportunity to tour this state of the art, pharmaceutical grade, nutritional supplement facility in Phoenix, Arizona. You could be part of it by qualifying! What's even more exciting, is that you could see the latest technology and equipment at this facility in action. 

Since F15 has exploded around the world, Forever Nutraceutical has installed a new machine to keep up with the growth. This machine creates the blister packs that you may recognize in the F15 and Clean 9 programs.

Additionally, a new Stick Pack machine has been installed to package ARGI+ and Forever Fiber, and possibly new products in the future. These are just a part of the full upgrade to machines at Forever Nutraceutical, including new tablet machines, that are helping Forever produce more nutritional supplements to meet the demand and growth around the world. 

Forever Direct

This massive distribution center in Holland is where AVA ships containers for the European and African markets. Here, staff breaks down these shipments and distributes products all over the EU, Eastern Europe and Africa. 

Something that has been extremely successful for Forever Direct is the new pick and pack service for France, Scandinavia, Germany, Austria and Benelux. This facility is able to pack individual orders and ship directly to the FBOs in these countries. This has allowed Forever to keep the pricing of products down, while continuing to fulfill orders quickly. 

Also, Forever Direct has recently undergone a $1.8 million dollar investment to increase capacity as the European market continues to grow. This exciting expansion is helping Forever speed up distribution and make the facility even more efficient to round out the plant to product to you process. 

Do these incredible technology and manufacturing updates have you feeling #ForeverProud? Share it on social media using the hashtag and if you ever get the opportunity to tour one of the Forever facilities, be sure to take photos, share your experience and enjoy the behind-the-scenes work that goes into bringing your favorite Forever products to life. 

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