Go Far, Go Together

People often ask me how I have accomplished so much in my life. As I’ve said before, there isn’t a specific secret to success, but rather many efforts that add up, including a lot of hard work and a positive attitude. But, one of my key success strategies is something that is taught to young children as sharing, but becomes better known as teamwork as we get older.

For me, when it comes down to making decisions or developing new ideas, it’s always best to have the support of the team. One of my favorite African proverbs says, "if you want to travel fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together."

Embracing teamwork, means that more thought goes into what we’re doing, more creative options will present themselves and the chances of finding the right results will be much more likely.

For almost 40 years, I've had a team of people around me who have played vital roles in the long term success of Forever, from the great people here in the Home Office to the staff in our offices around the world, as well as our Global Leadership Team of Forever Business Owners. Not only do these people have a professional impact on our business and on the direction of Forever, but they also have been close to me through some of the tough, as well as the best, times in my life.

It’s safe to say that having trusted and positive people around you can help your journey to success be so much more rewarding.

Recently, we lost someone who was very dear to our Forever family, someone who I know has had this same appreciation for teamwork. Since 2001, Dr. Maria Idigo has inspired all of us to work together to achieve our dreams.

Maria, alongside her wonderful husband Clement, has been crucial in helping us grow the African market and has positively affected the lives of many thousands of Business Owners across the world. We are so thankful to our ‘African Queen’ and the legacy that she leaves behind.

Maria's ability to rally those around her, and her compassion and contributions to making a difference in Africa and around the world all prove that better things happen when we do them together.  

Forever Yours,

Rex Maughan
CEO, Forever Living Products