Spring is almost here, a perfect season to start up with your training. But how do you set a fitness goal that works? I hope to inspire you and give you the tools to set goals that last!

The result of your exercise is up to you, and with the right supplements you can reach your goals more efficiently, feeling better along the journey even during the toughest parts. I take no short cuts when it comes to my exercise, and the same goes for my supplements. ARGI + is on of my favorites, as well as Forever Pro X2 for snacks and extra calories when I need them to keep me going.

My biggest tip to reach your fitness goals is primarily to know what you want and why. Then you make a plan on how to follow through. Work with milestones, large and small, and give yourself rewards that reinforce your determination and help with your end goal. Maybe start by rewarding yourself with 30 minutes of television each week or by indulging in dessert one night a week. Whatever it is, write it down and work for it.

Your preparations vary depending on what kind of goal you have. If your goal is to participate in a race with a set goal time, it is measurable and you have a given deadline. Prepare physically and mentally for the fatigue and pain you might experience during the race. Add these elements into your workout plan to meditate on and think about.

If your goal is about losing weight and being healthier, you must make a lifestyle change. You need to think about both what it will take to get there and what you will become when you´ve reached your goal and changed your lifestyle. Write down things you’ve never been able to accomplish in the past, but have always wanted to, such as run a half marathon or learn to ride a bike. When you’ve reached your fitness goal, aim to do something on that list.

The mental part is important when you set your goal. You have to be prepared for your own reactions and feel comfortable with the positive results that await. You will feel better and be proud of your achievements in the end. And remember, the goal, whatever it is, is always about personal development and becoming a better version of yourself.

Nick Soderblom
Sweden, Extreme Sports
Global F.I.T. Team