Voluminous & shiny hair is within arms reach for everyone!

Everybody wants shiny and voluminous hair. With the shampoos & conditioners of Forever Living, this is in arms reach for everyone. Our Sonya shampoos & conditioners contain aloe vera and royal jelly that hydrate and soothe the scalp.

For dry and brittle hair use Sonya Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner which helps to retain the moisture balance of your hair and to achieve a silky, soft, and healthy look. For thin and fine hair the Sonya Volume Shampoo & Conditioner offers the solution. This formula gives your hair more volume which lets it fall into better shape.

Tip: rinse your hair extensively! Leftover shampoo & conditioner can turn your hair dull and cause dandruff.

With your healthy and shiny hair, you’d probably like to make a good impression. Our “Hairstyles Inspiration” for some cool ideas!