Meditate to levitate. This is one phrase I was taught by my mindfulness teacher back in school. In order to be successful in any part of your life you should start with your soul, peace of mind, and a heart filled with love.

We have been taught to eat lean and clean, to avoid bad fats and processed food, stomp out that cigarette, and to avoid excess amounts of alcohol, all in combination with regular daily exercise. These are ALL very important key factors in lowering blood pressure, keeping obesity at bay and to give your body the nutrients it needs for healthy organs, body functions and energy levels.

If you are one of the 90% who doesn’t go regularly to the gym to pump iron or run 10k marathons then here are some easy small tips in how to keep your heart happy and still have amazing health benefits. Gone are the days when it was only hippies, yogis and other goofy people who sat around with their mantras going on repeat, incense burning and dolphin’s crying in the background. Taking those 5 minutes out of your day to mindfully sit and relax your mind and body will have amazing health benefits for you.

Our mental health is an important part of how our bodies are doing. The best part of meditation or living in the moment is those little moments that I would
like to call “brain-snoozes”. Have you noticed that sometimes you totally switch off your brain while reading a book, watching a movie, staring into a fireplace, or sometimes even driving (not recommended by the way). All of a sudden you realize that you have no idea what you read, saw or how you got to where you are.

These little brain-snoozes are your mind going to its happy place and presto; you just did your old ticker some good. So no need to light up that incense if you feel awkward about it, instead start knitting, buy a jigsaw puzzle or go for a massage. Meditate to levitate is the key to a healthier happier you!

Taking those precious minutes each day to listen to your body, to relax your mind will not only lower your blood pressure, improve your heart rate, breathing and activate your brain. It will also motivate you to improve your daily habits and to strive for a healthier, leaner and meaner YOU! Conclusion? No ifs, ands or buts!

Rellu Pats, UAE
Global F.I.T. Team