How to Find Headspace

Stress is a notion that is just accepted in today’s career-driven culture. We have normalised the demand for immediacy and perfection, high pressure drives daily activity without question, and the luxury of contemplation is something we are unknowingly deprived of.

So how do you take time out from all the hustle and bustle of daily life in today’s society? While some stress may be unavoidable, there are several practices you can adopt to help you find the headspace you deserve…


Declutter Your Life

Clear Out the Clutter

You may be surprised to learn that clutter in and around your home can have detrimental consequences on your wellbeing. A study carried out by a PhD professor from Indiana University1 found that those with clean and tidy homes were healthier than those with messy abodes, and in 2011, researchers at Princeton University2 concluded that clutter can cause people to work inefficiently, distracting them from a completely unrelated task. This is the year to take control – simply approach decluttering pragmatically, one room and one cupboard at a time.

Ditch Social Media

It’s easy to obsess over the lives of other people, and it’s easy to fixate on your own social presence, but social media is ultimately a façade. It presents a created and manipulated world that can cause insecurities in normal but fabulous people. It’s a dangerous tool that can cause others to feel inferior, uninteresting and unsuccessful, and the Royal Society of Public Health3 has linked it to increased rates of anxiety and depression. Whether you’re a snooper who lives in the social shadows or a frequent poster who lives in the social spotlight, try taking a break for a few weeks and monitor your wellbeing – you may be pleasantly surprised. 

Declutter Your Body

Adopt Healthy Habits 

Healthful living is often achieved by adopting healthy habits that become a normalised part of your daily routine. When it comes to diet, cut out snacks and keep an eye on your portions to ensure you don’t over eat. Laziness is another enemy of the cluttered body, and will only leave you feeling sluggish and fatigued. Don’t let laziness suck time and energy from you – instead choose walking, fresh ingredients and catching up with friends.


Reset Your System

When it comes to your body, your mind plays a powerful role, so for any type of weight management programme to be successful, you must first address your attitude and mindset. The C9 has been designed in a way that allows you to take back control of your body and lifestyle, it’ll make you aware of calories and the importance of exercise, and it will help you to kickstart a healthy and achievable routine beyond the programme’s initial nine days. The C9 is a calorie-controlled diet and exercise programme revolving around the nutritional properties of Forever Aloe Vera Gel. The programme allows you to reset your system through simple steps, exercise ideas and delicious recipes. 


Embrace a Routine 

Once you’ve reset, it’s time to step your fitness up a gear by moving on to an exercise programme that enables you to embrace an attainable routine. The F15 programme has three levels to choose from (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) so you can choose the level that’s right for you or work through all three programmes to achieve your target weight. 


Choose your level: 


F15 BEGINNER: New to fitness and nutrition? Then start with F15 Beginner. Learn the basics of fitness with customised body workouts, fundamental movements and basic cardio. Build your foundation with easy-to-follow guidelines, healthy recipes, weight management products and lifestyle tips. 

F15 INTERMEDIATE: Already moderately active but looking to step up your routine? Jump ahead to F15 Intermediate. With a selection of recipes, customised workouts, interval training, high intensity workouts and weight management products, F15 Intermediate will help you to take it to the next level. 

F15 ADVANCED: If you’re already very active, but in search of a programme that better suits you, why not try F15 Advanced? With higher intensity exercise and food supplement support, F15 Advanced provides a more intensive regime for those looking for a challenge.

Declutter Your Mind


Make Time for Meditation

Meditation doesn’t have to be about lighting incense and creating a space that feels super spiritual, it can simply be time you’ve set aside to listen to some relaxing music and reflect on your day and week ahead. According to John Hopkins University4, just thirty minutes of meditation a day can help to reduce anxiety and depression. 

Practise Positive Thinking

Life will inevitably chuck bad things in your path, but how you deal with those incidences can impact your overall wellbeing. Suzanne Sergerstrom5, a positive psychology researcher, says, “Optimists are in general both psychologically and physiologically healthier.”. If you see circumstances as an opportunity to learn and grow and you consciously search for the silver lining, your sunny mindset will positively impact your physical and mental health. Why don’t you give it a try?



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