How to Set Epic Goals

You’ve heard about goal setting already, and probably do it at the beginning of each New Year, maybe at the start of each quarter, and often when you want to stop coasting and get into action.

The purpose of setting a goal is to grow, and getting clear on what that goal is is the first step to reaching it.

But why does goal setting sometimes fail to work? Or why can you sometimes set a goal and then a few weeks down the line feel like you’re not even bothered about achieving it anymore?

I’ve worked with entrepreneurs and athletes for more than a decade, to help them outline, move towards, and smash through their goals, and there’s a few things I’ve learned as a result.

Here’s my EPIC formula for goal setting success:


Let’s take each element in turn:


You must create a goal that excites you and you feel you are able to work towards for a length of time without getting bored. Your excitement and positive emotion helps enhance your creativity and problem solving skills and means you’ll be more likely to stick to your goal for longer.


Why is your goal important to you? Even if your goal is financial in nature, there will still be an underlying meaning to the money. Consider what this is for you and get connected right in with it. This is what’s going to keep you motivated over time, and remind you on those days you feel like quitting, exactly why you began.


This part is important because you need to make sure your goal feels true for you and comes from your heart. I’ve had other people set goals for me before, and because I didn’t create them myself I didn’t feel connected to them which meant I didn’t achieve them. Close your eyes and think about a goal that feels really “right” for you. Your goal should definitely stretch you outside of your comfort zone and challenge you, but it has to have your buy in right from the start.


The final piece of the puzzle is to set your goal and then commit to making it happen, no matter what. You must develop an unwavering commitment to the things you desire to achieve in your life and business, and by following the three steps prior to this you will be able to do this. It’s the person that continues to show commitment even when they encounter a challenge or roadblock, who ends up reaching their goals.

With Gratitude,


Positive Psychologist MSc BSc CTLLS IPPA
Hay House Author “Now Is Your Chance”
Certified High Performance and Success Coach CHPC