Line and define with Sonya Precision Liquid Eyeliner

Made with more natural, quality ingredients, the Sonya Precision Liquid Eyeliner will redefine your eyes while nourishing your skin with even more conditioning ingredients. This rich, black eyeliner will perfect any daytime or evening look with a simple swipe. The easy-to-use, precise and flexible brush allows for crisp, sleek lines. Application is made even smoother with an ergonomic, easy-to hold pen so you can get it right the first time. But making your makeup routine easier wasn’t our only goal.

Soft and supple, Sonya Precision Liquid Eyeliner goes on with a gentle application that doesn’t pull at your skin and cause
undue damage. It dries quickly and lasts without flaking which means no more awkward faux pas around the eyes or worrying about having to reapply as they day goes on! Simple to use, gently rest the applicator at the base of the inner corner lashes. Then slowly drag the liner outward across the lid. For added drama and a night out on the town, take the line further to create a glamourous cat eye.

Our Sonya Precision Liquid Eyeliner also has nine skin conditioners for healthy looking skin. This unique formula includes skin-enhancing aloe vera, castor oil and sunflower seed oil—all ideal for the gentle and delicate eye area. These natural nutrients soothe and moisturise, an added benefit for your skin. Sonya Precision Liquid Eyeliner also has vitamin E, a rich antioxidant proven to alleviate dryness.

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