Love the Skin You're in

Every single person in this world is unique, and along with many other beautiful differences that make you YOU, skin type is another factor that is part of your personal make-up. Like with most things, it’s important to understand your body so that you can provide it with the care it requires in order to be happy, healthy and looking your best.

There are four main skin types: normal, dry, oily and combination. The most effective way of identifying yours is to study the appearance of the skin on your face a couple of hours after it has been washed. Please note, however, that in order for this to work properly, skin must be free from product. If you have dry skin, you may notice rough or flaky patches. If you have oily skin, you’ll notice shiny patches across your forehead, nose and chin (t-zone). And if you have combination skin, you’ll notice characteristics of both dry and oily skin. If you are fortunate enough to have normal skin, your skin will remain balanced and dry patches or excess shine aren’t even on your radar!

The good news is that, whatever your skin type, Forever has skincare products that have been designed to give you radiant skin. Read on to discover the differences between our skincare products so that you can give your skin the love it deserves.

Infinite by Forever

Infinite by Forever, Forever’s Advanced Skincare Collection, is suitable for all skin types, but particularly dry skin. If you are over the age of 25, it is time to start thinking about using products that have been designed to slow or minimise the appearance of ageing. If, however, ageing skin is far from your mind but you consider your complexion to be dry, we would still recommend that you embrace the moisture-rich properties of Infinite by Forever.

This revolutionary skincare range introduces remarkable formulas and natural ingredients that work together to restore the skin’s moisture balance, stimulate healthy collagen levels and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. We know that aloe is great for skin but Infinite by Forever has gone a step further by pairing aloe with botanicals that elevate its performance. By utilising skin-conditioning ingredients to target the appearance of premature ageing from the inside out and the outside in, Infinite by Forever is ideal for anyone looking to add radiance to their skin.

Hydrating Cleanser: This mild, milky cleanser is full of potent, naturally-derived ingredients like apple extract, apple amino acid and cocoa fatty acids that increase skin hydration and gently wash away dirt and oil without drying. These ingredients are hypoallergenic, and the formula has no artificial fragrance added which means it’s kind to even sensitive skin. Its age-minimising recipe fights against tightness and dryness, and thanks to bountiful amounts of linoleic acid and vitamin E, the cleanser can break down dirt and debris to leave skin feeling hydrated, soft and clean. Hydrating Cleanser is definitely an excellent choice when it comes to laying a strong foundation for the rest of your routine.

Firming Complex: Focus on nutrient skincare with Firming Complex, Forever’s first exclusive beauty supplement. This supplement is an inner-conditioning complex that helps target the appearance of premature ageing and it’s been specially formulated to assist beauty from within. We’ve combined vitamin C to help with healthy collagen formation in the skin, biotin to maintain healthy hair and skin and we’ve even added extra marine collagen. Collagen is an amino acid-packed protein which occurs naturally in the body to give structure and tone to connective tissues. Added French melon also provides the skin with the antioxidant properties it craves. Firming Complex works together with Firming Serum and other topical products in the Infinite by Forever line to assemble the ultimate weapon against skin that appears dull, sallow and tired. Take two tablets daily and for best results, consume in the morning.

Firming Serum: Target the signs of ageing with an advanced serum that complements the natural processes of skin to increase firmness and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This scientifically-advanced formula boosts the power of aloe with trifluoracetyl tripepetide-2, an ingredient known to combat progerin, a harmful protein that increases as you age and wreaks havoc on your skin. This three-amino acid peptide is paired with hydrolysed sodium hyaluronate, a natural humectant that supports moisture and skin conditioners, yeast extract to help support collagen and reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone, and whey protein to improve skin’s overall look and feel. With powerful natural ingredients and our patented aloe, this cutting-edge serum works as a rich moisturiser that makes skin feel smooth and firm, and your complexion appear visibly younger.

Restoring Crème: With over fifteen skin-conditioning ingredients, Restoring Crème absorbs fast to leave skin feeling moisturised and smooth. This impressive cream combines skin science and aloe with powerful antioxidant botanicals including acai and pomegranate, and vitamin B3, which helps even out skin tone and texture. Ingredients such as squalane, jojoba esters, glycolipids and beeswax show significant moisturising properties and help this cream sweep effortlessly across your skin. An anti-ageing essential oil blend of lavender, petitgrain, basil, eucalyptus, lime and orange peel support aloe to replenish and rejuvenate parched skin. As the final very important step in the Infinite by Forever routine, Restoring Crème seals in all of the powerful benefits your skin has just received so you can start slowing the sands of time. Use daily to reinforce the skin’s natural barrier, replenish parched skin and further reduce the appearance of ageing. 


If combination, oily or normal describes your complexion, look no further than the Sonya Daily Skincare System. This scientifically-advanced line of synergistic skincare uses a gel delivery system that carries the aloe, moisture and botanicals directly to your skin. This range boasts a high concentration of aloe and a hydra-infused system that gently targets skin to improve its overall look and feel.

Sonya Daily Skincare has been formulated specifically for combination skin, which is prone to fluctuate between oily and dry. The gel-based formulas have been designed to control shine while also delivering moisture to where it’s needed most. 

Refreshing Gel Cleanser: Ditch traditional soap-based cleansers in favour of an impressive face wash that doesn’t strip skin. Refreshing Gel Cleanser uses a gel delivery system that’s been infused with aloe and powerful botanicals to gently cleanse and condition your face while it washes away dirt and debris. 

You’ll notice from the moment the cooling gel touches your skin that this isn’t your high bubble, leave-your-skin-tight type of experience. Instead, you’ll embrace a gentle and soothing experience that combines cleansing agents with moisturising agents like cold pressed baobab oil – prized for its unsaturated fatty acids. Baobab oil comes from a tree in Senegal known as ‘the tree of life’ to natives, as it’s lived for over 500 years. The strength and longevity of this tree makes it an excellent extract to boost this cleanser’s remarkable formula. Acacia concinna fruit extract is found in the tropical jungles of Asia and this natural cleanser helps remove dead cell build-up, dirt and makeup for a thorough, but soft cleansing experience. Refreshing Gel Cleanser also contains rich antioxidants like apple amino acids and hydroxyacetophenone, which supports combination skin. 

Refining Gel Mask: We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘I need my beauty sleep’, but did you know that you can achieve this fresh-faced look by using a face mask?

This brand-new product helps promote healthy skin tone by nourishing your skin while you sleep. Simply apply a generous amount over your entire face before bedtime and leave on overnight. Refining Gel Mask has been scientifically formulated to optimise the way your skin functions at night. By leveraging the natural functions of the body while you sleep, this mask helps to support balance by controlling oil and brightening the appearance of skin. To make the most of your shut eye, we infused this gel with a bounty of botanicals, including carrot seed oil, basil oil, artemisia pallens flower oil and soybean oil. The cool gel of the mask will absorb quickly into your skin so that you benefit from the moisturising properties of our rich, stabilised aloe vera gel, as well as moisturisers like apple fruit extract, clover flower extract, sasa quelpaertensis (Korean bamboo) extract, and liquorice root, a plant which provides antioxidant support. This high-quality blend moisturises your skin while you sleep, without leaving skin greasy. Rinse thoroughly in the morning to reveal a balanced complexion.

Illuminating Gel: For a glowing complexion that’s the envy of many, you’ll want to get your hands on this magical product. 
Younger skin has a natural radiance and light to it that seems to dim as you age, but now Illuminating Gel can help restore your skin to its natural brilliance. Thanks to encapsulated peptides in a quick absorbing gel, this product’s formula can help deliver the latest technology to your skin. A unique blend of green and brown algae, known for helping to even skin tone and soften age spots, has been paired with liposomes and red clover flower extract to help reduce the appearance of large pores. Illuminating Gel is unlike anything available on the market thanks to its unique collection of five Asian botanicals: scutallaria baicalensis root, glycyrrhiza glabra root, morus alba root, artemisia capillaris flower and zizyphus jujuba fruit. These oriental plants are known for their ability to even and brighten overall skin tone to leave skin soft, smooth and radiant. 

Soothing Gel Moisturizer: Soothing Gel Moisturizer looks like a lotion, but this gel-based formula melts into your skin. Filled with botanicals and lush active ingredients, this gel-lotion breaks down until it’s completely absorbed, leaving behind a moist and dewy complexion. 
This unique moisturiser dissipates into a hydra-infused carrier that doesn’t leave a residue or texture to help your skin look and feel plump from the abundance of natural ingredients. Plant extracts and oils including apple fruit extract, pomegranate fruit extract, fig fruit extract, mulberry fruit extract, ginkgo biloba extract, jojoba esters and olive oil help skin feel hydrated and supple. Beta-glucan extracted from mushrooms has been added to soothe and even skin tone. We also added anti-ageing ingredients like linoleic acid and hydrolysed collagen, scientifically advanced to go into the skin where it needs it most. To finish the formula, we infused it with orange and mandarin peel oil, roman camomile and geranium oil, and bergamot fruit oil to leave skin feeling refreshed. 


Now that you’ve established your skin type and which skincare collection is right for you, you may still notice that your skin requires additional support. If you have a recurring skin complaint that you want to combat, supplementing your skincare with extra products from Forever’s Targeted range is the solution you’ve been waiting for. Each one of these products has been formulated to address common skin-related issues but the unique formulas complement the ingredients found within both Infinite by Forever and Sonya Daily Skincare perfectly.  

Puffy eyes? 

If puffy eyes, dark circles or lines around the eye area is what gives away your age, you’ll definitely want to reach for Forever’s Awakening Eye Cream. Awakening Eye Cream combines patented ingredients with peptide technology to improve and smooth the sensitive eye area, visibly reducing the appearance of lines, wrinkles and dark circles. By utilising a unique collagen that penetrates skin, this gentle cream can aid skin hydration and firmness. Healthy collagen can also improve skin smoothness, resulting in plumper, firmer skin around the eye area. 
Awakening Eye Cream contains many unique ingredients, including butylene glycol, which has been shown to reduce the appearance of eye puffiness and dark circles. Another cutting-edge ingredient, albizia julibrissin bark extract with darutoside, supports the appearance of sagging skin on the upper eyelid.  With this, we’re able to address both the upper eye lid and delicate skin around the eye, creating a total eye perking experience. This advanced eye cream also blurs the look of crow’s feet by strengthening the surface structure and restricting water loss, so instead of dry and puffy, eyes appear more rested, alert and rejuvenated.

Uneven skin tone? 

If you’re plagued by an uneven complexion and large pores, Balancing Toner is likely to be the skincare component you’ve been searching for. Not only will this toner make a pronounced difference in how your skin feels, your skin’s appearance will also improve thanks to a formula that helps support the absorption of nutrients.

Sometimes a cleanser just isn’t enough to remove all the dirt and debris, particularly if you wear waterproof or good quality makeup, so adding a toner to your skincare routine is a brilliant way of ensuring all impurities have been washed away. Forever’s Balancing Toner goes that step further by minimising the appearance of pores and by adding extra hydration between cleansing and moisturising. Its unique blend of seaweed extract and sodium hyaluronate moisturise and soften skin to keep it looking youthful, while cucumber extract soothes and provides additional hydration. Cucumber also helps to improve tone thanks to its ligans, which target texture and puffiness. Added white tea extract is a rich antioxidant that works with the high concentration of aloe to balance the fluctuations of the skin. 

Sun-exposed skin? 

If you’ve been blessed with a fair complexion, you enjoy the outdoors or you wish to protect your face from harmful UV rays, you’ll love Forever’s Protecting Day Lotion. This everyday lotion with broad spectrum mineral sunscreen is perfect for defending skin from dark spots caused by sun ageing.

Start your day off right by arming your face against environmental aggressors. Thanks to added SPF 20, this lotion nourishes skin by surrounding it in a veil of moisture, plus its aloe, mushroom extract and skin conditioning ingredients provide skin with incredible moisturising power. This lotion is also loaded with powerful fruit and herbal extracts. The crambe plant, which is native to the Mediterranean region, has an unusually high amount of fatty acids found in its oil which is believed to improve skin’s tone and texture, while the watermelon extract contains antioxidant properties. Finally, anastatica hierochuntica, or the Jerusalem Resurrection Plant, has an astounding ability to survive lengthy periods of arid, dry climates before resurrecting itself with hydration – a quality we were able to capture in this day cream’s rare formula.
Protecting Day Lotion is also perfect for those with delicate or sensitive skin. Thanks to natural mineral sunscreens, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and a unique dispersion system, this face cream gently blends into skin to soothe and protect. 

Flaky skin? 

Keep your complexion under control with Smoothing Exfoliator, a unique face wash that gently exfoliates to uncover silky, soft, fresh and moisturised skin.

Did you know that your body gets rid of 30,000 to 40,000 old skin cells every single day? Even with a consistent cleansing routine, your skin sometimes needs helps sloughing off these dead skin cells, otherwise your complexion can look flaky, dull and tired. Exfoliated skin will also better absorb any topical application that follows, which is why it’s important to exfoliate around 2-3 times per week. Now, thanks to Forever’s Smoothing Exfoliator, you can help your skin look brighter by getting rid of the old without stressing the soft, newer skin underneath. Instead of using harsh chemicals, harmful plastic micro-beads or sharp fragments, this kind exfoliator utilises natural ingredients with unique functions to give a complete cleansing experience.

Jojoba beads gently roll across skin to remove debris; sustainably sourced bamboo powder sweeps the skin to remove dead skin cells without scratching the skin’s surface; extracts of bromelain, obtained from pineapple, assists in destroying the keratin of dead cells so that they can be removed more easily; papain, from papaya, assists in refreshing skin and is a rich source of vitamins C, A, E and pantothenic acid; and lemon essential oil is a rich moisturiser that starts hydrating the younger skin underneath. These ingredients have also been paired with antioxidants like grape juice extract, to deliver the most effective exfoliating experience you’ve ever had.

It’s easy to love the skin you’re in when you choose quality products that deliver the skincare experience your complexion craves. It’s time to listen to your skin – treat it to advanced aloe products by Forever!

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