New Policy: Fly Even Higher with Eagle Managers

Since day one, Forever has been built on the foundations of innovation and the spirit of helping others. Our continued growth and success requires constant improvement. This means doing more than staying on the forefront of technology with every product. It also means doing everything we can to provide new opportunities for our FBOs.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce an exciting addition to our time-tried Marketing Plan that will allow Managers and above to move up with their downline Eagle Managers. Here’s how it works: 

Beginning with this Eagle Manager qualification period (2018-2019), Managers and above can move up in pin position by developing Eagle Manager Lines and meeting the core requirements for Eagle Manager qualification. 

Core Requirements

  • 720 total CCs in a single operating company
  • 100 new CCs globally
  • Sponsor and develop 2 new Supervisors globally
  • Active every month
  • Leadership Bonus qualified every month you are a Manager

To start counting your downline Eagle Manager lines toward Manager and above move up, all you have to do is complete the core requirements. This unlocks all of your Eagle Manager lines since the start of the Eagle manager program in 2011.  Each Eagle Manager line from 2011-current where you also completed the core requirements can be added up at the end of the Eagle Manager qualification period to push you up to a new pin position. 

This new policy is active going forward so if you don’t complete your core requirements this year, you can unlock them by completing your core requirements next year to count your historical Eagle lines.  Each Eagle line will count as 1 in your accumulation, even if there are multiple Eagles in that downline.  

If you meet the core Eagle requirements, even without qualifying as an Eagle Manager, your new Eagle Manager lines will be added to that accumulation, each year at the end of the Eagle Manager qualification period. Here's how many Eagle Manager lines you need to accumulate at each level: 

Qualification Using Accumulated Eagle Lines

Senior – 1 Eagle Line

Soaring – 3 Eagle Lines

Sapphire – 6 Eagle Lines

D/Sapphire – 10 Eagle Lines

Diamond – 15 Eagle Lines

D/Diamond – 25 Eagle Lines

T/Diamond – 35 Eagle Lines

C/Diamond – 45 Eagle Lines

The 1st Generation Manager Move up policy that is in place today will remain with no changes. However, the two ways to move up cannot be combined. Ready to soar, but still have more questions? Watch the video below, download and read the FAQ here or contact your upline or country office. 


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