New Policy Updates

New policies mean more amazing benefits and improvements for our Forever Business Owners! A  few updates are coming for Gem Bonus Qualification, Gem Eagle Manager and Manager Level Achievement. These Forever policies will help you achieve bigger bonuses and incentives, as well as help your teams grow. Get prepared and share these great advancements with everyone in your downline. 

You will now have only two ways to qualify for Gem Bonus - through the new Gem Eagle Manager Incentive or the 9/17/25 25-CC Manager legs. Gem Eagle Manager updates will give Gem Managers a more accessible way to qualify for Eagle Managers Retreat and allow them to automatically qualify for Gem Bonus through this achievement. Finally, FBOs can now achieve Manager in two ways - 120 Personal and Non-Manager Case Credits over 1 or 2 consecutive months or 150 Personal and Non-Manager Case Credits over 3 or 4 consecutive months. 

The Policies Explained

Gem Eagle Manager

Gem Managers (i.e. Sapphire & higher) may qualify as Eagle at a lower Gem Level. For example, if a Diamond Manager has 6 Downline Eagle Managers, then he/she qualifies as a Sapphire Eagle Manager.  An FBO who qualifies as Sapphire, Diamond-Sapphire, or Diamond Eagle, will automatically be qualified for the 1%, 2%, or 3% Gem Bonus, respectively, in his/her Home Country, for each of the twelve months beginning with May in which he/she is Leadership Bonus Qualified.  If a Gem Manager qualifies as Gem Eagle at a level that is lower than his/her actual Gem Position (i.e. a Diamond Manager who qualifies as a Sapphire Eagle), he/she will receive the Gem Bonus payout percentage corresponding to his/her Eagle qualification, except for the months in which he/she qualifies for a higher payout percentage as per the Gem Bonus policy (see Section 9 of the Policies). 

This Policy will take effect immediately, so that any FBO who qualifies as a Gem Eagle by the end of April 2018 will be eligible to receive the Gem Bonus beginning May 2018.

This is an excellent incentive for our Gem Managers to set their goals for Eagle Manager qualification. The Gem Bonus can significantly increase overall earnings each month. 

Gem Bonus Qualification
Effective May, 2019, the qualification for Gem Bonus with 9, 17, 25 Active First-Generation Managers will no longer be an option. After that, Gem Bonus qualification must be either through the above-mentioned Gem Eagle Incentive or via the 9/17/25 25-CC Manager legs.

4-Month Manager Move-up
Manager is achieved by generating a total of 120 Personal and Non-Manager Case Credits within any 1 or 2 consecutive months, or 150 Personal and Non-Manager Case Credits within any 3 or 4 consecutive months.

This policy is effective February 2018, which means that an FBO can count case credits from Dec-Jan-Feb, or from Dec-Jan-Feb-Mar, for the new 150cc option.

For questions or more information, please contact your country office. 

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