Niyc Pidgeon Series: Three Success Elements


I’m Niyc, Positive Psychologist MSc, and Global Success Coach, and every week for the next 6-weeks I’m going to be sharing an article with you all about mindset, and what you can do to strengthen yours.

My goal is to help you in a really easy to understand way, to help you with practical tools and thought provoking questions and teachings to help you shift your mindset and thrive within yourself and your business.

At the end of the 6-weeks I’ll be running a webinar for you too – completely free of charge, to bring all of this knowledge together, to introduce myself properly, and answer your burning mindset questions.

So, let’s get started!

I always like to start at the start, and this week I’m sharing with you:

3 Things You Must Do First to Prime You for Success in Your Forever Business

You’ve probably been told a million times to “work on your mindset” and “do your contacting”…

But why are these things so fundamental to your success?

Because, they are the foundations upon which you can build your thriving life and business.

Take a look at the Diamond of Success in the image below, and notice that success is created through a combination of three things;

  • Skills
  • Attitude
  • Knowledge 

We know that diamonds are strong, symbolic of your success, and each of these three elements is supportive of the other in helping you create that.

Without one of the elements though, the stability, which represents your foundations of success, is lost.

Let’s take a look at each of the elements in turn:


This is the Forever business model that has been shared with you and had been proven over time. You need to understand the business and the products in order to be able to share them powerfully with your friends and network. Knowledge might include learning from the printed and online materials that are provided to you as a business owner, learning from up line and other leaders, and also through learning from other people’s case studies and how they have experienced great results through using a product.


These are the network marketing skills that are going to help you be a more productive and effective business owner. Setting goals, managing your time, and building positive relationships are all skills that you are able to develop through dedicating a little more intention, willingness, and practice, and remembering that these are “must do’s”, instead of “nice to have’s”.


Your attitude determines whether you respond positively or negatively to a situation or experience, and can be made up of your self belief, your level of optimism, and your commitment – both to yourself, your business, and your future vision. In other words, your mindset! Choosing to adopt a positive mindset is something that is going to be key in allowing both you and your business to grow – optimists are happier, healthier, more successful, AND are 31% more productive.

The good news is, all of these elements are able to be mastered!

Take a look at the Diamond of Success again now, and consider where you might be out of balance.

Have you been working on your mindset, without mastering the art and skills of network marketing? Or might it be that your self belief needs a little bit more of a nudge (or a kick) in the right direction?

One thing is for sure, now you understand the importance of combining all three elements, you can remember to take care of your understanding of your Forever Business, to practice the skills associated with becoming an awesome network marketing professional, and to strengthen your mindset daily, in order to facilitate your success.

They say that “knowledge is power” – but when you combine knowledge, with skills, and attitude…

That’s real power.

Have an awesome rest of your week, superstar.

With Gratitude,

Positive Psychologist MSc BSc CTTLS IPPA
Global Success Coach
Hay House Author

About Niyc Pidgeon 

Niyc is a Positive Psychologist MSc and Global Success Coach, on a mission to help a million people change their lives using positive psychology by the year 2020. 

Niyc is from the UK, where she recently won Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and is currently living in Los Angeles and travelling the world speaking, coaching, and helping people to overcome self doubt and burnout, and live their lives of joy, personal power, and unstoppable success.

Niyc has already coached hundreds of FBO’s for success, and her 30 Day Happiness Guide, Now Is Your Chance is available for pre-order on Amazon globally now, published with Hay House.
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