Niyc Pidgeon Series: Maximize Your Motivation


Welcome to article 3 of my 6-part blog series! Last week I shared with you the importance of vision, and holding an abundant mindset to help you create your goals and dreams…

…and this week I am helping you beat procrastination with this blog that shares:

3 Easy Ways To Maximize Your Motivation 

How many times have you told yourself you “have” to do something and then never got round to doing it?

“I’ve got to go to the gym today…”

“I need to do my contacting…”

“I’ve got to sort my mindset out…”

It’s easy to put things off and procrastinate, and it’s quite often the things that we need to do most that we find ourselves putting off for another day.

Your desire and willingness to do things is known as motivation, and it can make a huge difference to how you perform in life and in business.

Everybody has a different journey as a Forever Business Owner, but motivation is something that is important for everyone, no matter which stage of the marketing plan you are in.

Here are my 3 Easy Ways To Maximize Your Motivation:

  1.  Get Clear On Your Commitment

You level of commitment is an indicator of how much willingness you have towards accomplishing your goal, and once you have commitment, you are able to find the motivation to keep going. 

Once you know you will never quit, you find it much easier to get started, and stay focused.

Take a look at the Commitment Pyramid below and decide where you are in relation to your business right now.

You might notice that you are really committed in some areas, such as attending weekly trainings and Success Days, but that you are not so committed in other areas – maybe your contacting, for example, or vice versa.

When you start to raise your awareness around your level of commitment, and also how you are talking about it, you are able to see where you have room to grow.

For example, when I catch myself saying, “I have to record a video today”, I make sure to correct myself to say instead, “I’m so excited to be recording a video today”.

I also remind myself of my commitment to help a million people change their lives through my work, which always motivates me in to action!

There’s no way I can help a million people if I don’t put in the work.

It’s time to change your own default talk from, “I have to do it”, to, “I want to do it”.

I promise you, things will become a whole lot easier when you do!

  1. Make Your Business Activities Fun!

One of the keys to running a thriving life and business is to experience more positive emotions, and fewer negative emotions in your days.

Positive emotions help you think more creatively, and help you solve problems more effectively, as well as obviously raising your feel-good factor too!

When you focus on what’s good and what’s fun, you naturally want to do more of that… and so why not make your business fun too?

Your opportunity with Forever Living wasn’t designed to be boring or a chore, it was designed to help you to live life on your terms, and to help you do more of what you love.

So with that in mind, let’s consider where you might be able to inject a little more fun in to your business this week…

Could you get together with some team and do a power hour of contacting together?

Could you set up some friendly competition and see who can show the most commitment to their daily mindset ritual?

Or could you find a fun new way to celebrate your wins? Big or small, you should celebrate them all!

When you make the activities within your business fun, you are much more likely to be motivated towards doing them.

  1. Remember your WHY reason…

Your big why reason gives you a sense of meaning and purpose towards your goals – another thing that is essential if you want to run a thriving life and business.

You learned last week about the importance of your vision to keep you positive, hopeful, and motivated, and I want to take this one step further this week.

When you give your vision a meaning, you allow your journey to become purposeful, and it means you have a reason for taking action every step of the way.

There’s no right and wrong when it comes to establishing your why reason – it has to be something that feels true for you.

Your why reason could be your children, and wanting to create stable futures for them and for yourself, or it might be that you want to help and empower a certain number of people to find freedom in their own lives, or maybe it’s to live a life of happiness and fulfilment!

Next time you want some extra motivation to get moving, I want you to follow this process;

  • Take out your note pad, and draw a line vertically down the page
  • On the left hand side write your priority to do’s (I would always just choose 3 things, so you don’t get overwhelmed)
  • On the right hand side, write down your big why reason

This gives you a super simple visual on WHY it’s important for you to take action on your priority tasks.

You are reminded that there is a bigger purpose for the work you are doing, and this helps you to get and stay motivated.

Make sure you try these three easy ways to maximise your motivation today.

Combining your vision with commitment, purpose, and fun, is a sure fire way to get things done.

Catch you next week…

With Gratitude,


Positive Psychologist MSc BSc CTTLS IPPA
Global Success Coach
Hay House Author

About Niyc Pidgeon 

Niyc is a Positive Psychologist MSc and Global Success Coach, on a mission to help a million people change their lives using positive psychology by the year 2020. 

Niyc is from the UK, where she recently won Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and is currently living in Los Angeles and travelling the world speaking, coaching, and helping people to overcome self doubt and burnout, and live their lives of joy, personal power, and unstoppable success.

Niyc has already coached hundreds of FBO’s for success, and her 30 Day Happiness Guide, Now Is Your Chance is available for pre-order on Amazon globally now, published with Hay House.
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