Nurture Success and Give it Time to Grow

Bamboo is a unique plant, as it takes longer to grow than other plants and crops. 

You might be wondering what bamboo has to do with Forever, as we’re The Aloe Vera Company. Bamboo may not have much to do with Forever or our products, but the lesson it can teach us has everything do with our business.

There is a story about a farmer who decided he wanted more in his life than his neighbors had. Corn, wheat and other crops were dependable but they weren’t leading his life in the direction he wanted. He heard from someone in a nearby town that bamboo could create massive wealth for his family, if only he was willing to stay persistent through its growth and harvesting.

The farmer got to work planting his new crop despite disbelief of his fellow farmers. He was certain his new venture would help his family and that patience would give them success and abundance for many years to come.

A year passed and the other farmers were busy harvesting their crops and taking them to market. He stood strong against their mockery when they boasted that their crops had grown and earned them money for their next ventures. Yet, his bamboo had not even sprouted a twig.

He continued keeping his head down while tending to the bamboo fields, faithful that his plants would grow into their full potential. Another year passed, then another, until four years after he had planted the seeds, bamboo plants began to shoot from the ground, growing almost a foot a day. In no time, the farmer had almost a complete bamboo forest, his investment finally realized. 

For all those years, although it seemed like nothing was happening, the roots of the bamboo plants were strengthening and growing to establish a sturdy foundation on which to grow tall. 

As we are continuing to celebrate 40 years of success in Forever, it’s important to recognize the value of persistence and taking your own path. Even if you can’t see the tangible results yet, your dedication will pay off.

Just like the bamboo farmer who ignored those around him who didn’t see his vision, each of you can build the future you dream of when you have faith in your journey and have patience to see it through.  

Forever Yours,
Rex Maughan