Thank you to everyone who donated to Pack for Phineas.

When we first met Phineas and learned about what we could do for the town of Soweto, we never could have imagined how generous you would be for people you have never met. He first asked us last year to help by contributing left over Rally items when it was all over. Phineas informed us that he would deliver anything he could find to ensure the people of Soweto had clothes, book, toys and other items to live.

We knew that together we could do so much more.

We were blown away by how much you brought with you from all over the world. Your contributions filled our storage room to the brim with everything from school supplies and toys to shoes and clothes. As we watched you unpack suitcases filled with donations for the families of this town, we couldn’t help but be filled with so many emotions. We could only wonder how these people would react when we delivered all of these items to them.

It was truly a wonder! Because of you, we were able to give to every person and child who we visited with during our donation drop off. Because of your generosity and heart, we were able to bring smiles to the faces of the children of this town. As we stood there, children jumped with joy as toys reached their hands. Moms cheered as they sifted through clothes for their young children.

Soweto will never forget how much you, the people of Forever, gave out of pure kindness.


Watch the Pack for Phineas story:

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