Plan 2016 With FLP360

With FLP360⁰, the entire year is in your hands!

Get ready to plan as we take you through some of the best features to set your goals, bring in new customers and nurture your leads. This year, achieve all of the goals you’ve set for yourself and more!

Track CCs
Track your yearly volume by personal and non-personal case credits (CCs). Never miss a beat on what’s happening with your business so you can project the time of year you’ll need to share more products and elevate your business. Think of the CCs you need to achieve your goals this year.
What are you shooting for? Eagle Manager, Chairman’s Bonus? Break down the CCs you need for the entire year into monthly, weekly and even daily goals and monitor them from your dashboard so you always know exactly where you stand!


Know Your Downline
Track your recruitment and see how many first, second and third generation FBOs you have in your downline. With these reports, you’ll be able to see which FBOs need your support to build teams, reach their next incentive and will benefit from your help and motivation throughout the year.


Create a Calendar
Create a schedule that’s not only interactive, but also keeps you accountable. Use the calendar to keep appointments, follow ups and more on your schedule. You can even tag a specific FBO or lead to associate their contact information with your appointment.


Envision Your Dream
Keep your goals top of mind using Dreambook. Pin your dream vacation or car on Pinterest, share your board to your Dreambook, then visit your page everyday to stay motivated as you conquer the year!


Haven’t signed up for FLP360⁰, yet? What are you waiting for? To sign up and take control of your year, login to the FBO site at and click on the enroll button under FLP360.