Preparing for #FGR18 Let the Countdown Commence

We're just a few days away from the most exciting event of the year - Forever Global Rally! We've been waiting for a long time to welcome you home and it's finally fast-approaching. To prepare you for your journey to the USA, we've gathered up some information that you need to know as you're packing your bags and getting ready. 

Global Rally is in one of the largest metropolitan cities in the USA - Dallas, Texas. The beautiful days in Dallas in April can reach 26C and fall to around 12-15C in the evenings. Days can warm up quickly, so be sure to wear layers that are easy to shed as the day goes on. 

There's so much to do and see in Dallas, so if you're interested in hitting some of the highlights for your stay, be sure to read this article. For those who have qualified for Global Rally, you'll enjoy the exciting and bustling North Park Center for Activity Day on Wednesday (April 25) and tour the hub of Forever's manufacturing - Aloe Vera of America.  This year, we thought this tour was so special, that we are also bringing Chairman's Bonus Qualifiers who are less than 1.5K to tour on Thursday (April 26). Don't forget to bring comfortable walking shoes for this day and make sure they're closed-toe, required by the tour rules at AVA. 

Let's get down to business! If you've qualified as a 1.5K and above, you will have various training and activities throughout the week. 

Each year, our 5K dinner on Monday night (April 23) is an incredible experience. As qualifiers that are so close to becoming Global Leadership Team qualified, you will be treated to a fun evening in which we celebrate your achievements and give you a peek into some of the information we will be sharing throughout the week. 

2.5K Workshop on Tuesday (April 24) is always an exciting kick off to the week. This is another chance to learn from the GLT and other leaders from around the world, while also getting a special peek into business innovations from the Forever executives. We hope you're ready for what's coming this year! 

1.5K qualifiers and above are then invited to the Fly Like an Eagle training on Thursday (April 26), which is always filled with powerful business lessons, exciting new ideas and wisdom from our top leaders. Although, last year's visit from the Crown Prince of Dubai will be difficult to beat, we know that this year's Fly Like an Eagle training will be an unforgettable experience! 

Global Rally is also a great time to give back. Our newest addition to the Aloe Baby family will be available for purchase and boy is he cute! He's a great commemorative 40th anniversary edition and all proceeds go to the charitable organization Forever Giving. You can purchase yours (and give back!) in the Rally Store that will be open all week long. While you're there, you can also shop the Forever merchandise created exclusively for Global Rally that you can't get anywhere else. 

Want to do a little more? Volunteer for one (or more!) Rise Against Hunger meal packing sessions! This year, we decided to do something big for our 40 years - pack 400,000 meals. We need YOUR help. To volunteer, simply show up for one of the specified meal packing times Tuesday - Saturday. We've even added two hours of meal packing before the Global Rally Show to give everyone a shot at getting involved. You can sign up for a specific shift and see the schedule here:   

Let's not forget the party! The Chairman's Bonus Qualifiers Party at Southfork Ranch on Thursday night (April 26) is open to all Chairman's Bonus Qualifiers and Global Rally qualifiers and their qualifying guest. Get ready for a night of magical experiences as hundreds of FBOs reveal their Chairman's Bonus checks and celebrate with a night of western dancing and rodeo. This is your chance to show off your best western wear - get those cowboy boots and hats ready! 

Finally, the Rally Show days are when the magic really happens! A mix of entertainment, training and exhilarating Chairman's Bonus check reveals, the Global Rally Show on Friday and Saturday (April 27 & 29) is where Forever comes to life. They say experiencing one of our events is where you learn the heart of Forever, so whether you're a qualifier or non-qualifier who is making the trip to see it in action, we know you'll leave with even more passion and energy for your business than ever before. Are you ready to for the experience like no other? 

What to Pack:
- Western Wear for the Chairman's Bonus Party at Southfork Ranch
- Comfortable, closed-toe shoes to walk around Dallas and Aloe Vera of America during Activity Day  (Closed-toe shoes are required for your tour of AVA!) 
- Semi-formal wear for 5K Qualifier Dinner 
- A light jacket or sweater for the evenings 
- Your best Country Spirit outfit for the Rally Show
- Comfortable clothes and shoes for Rise Against Hunger meal packing 

Remember: All Global Rally and Chairman's Bonus qualifiers will be receiving a special item at Registration this year that can only be described in one way - BIG. So prepare to bring this home with you as an added piece. 

See you in Dallas!