Putting People First

American businessman Harvey Firestone once said, “It is only as we develop others that we permanently succeed.”

I am proud to say that this is one of the founding principles on which Forever was built. For 40 years you have taken this idea and brought it to life by helping others around the world realize and live their dreams. 

Our global events are also designed with this concept in mind. This is why we ask our GLT and leaders in our industry to share their trainings and philosophies with you. We bring you together to celebrate, learn and experience new adventures as a way of showing appreciation, to reward you for the hard work you do all year long and to continue developing your success. 

Many of my best memories are of you receiving your Chairman’s Bonus checks, cheering each other on, speaking vibrantly about your business and ultimately, having fun together. When I learned that some of you have been unable to attend our events in the past due to visa restrictions, I was incredibly disappointed. 

I challenged the Executives at Forever to find a solution. I didn’t want to hear again that any of you would be losing out on an experience that you worked so hard to earn. We needed to find a way to help fix this and ensure that all of you who work toward these opportunities are rewarded with something special. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than qualifying for an exciting trip and hearing the news that you cannot attend due to circumstances that are out of your control.

Thus, the idea of the Pattaya Beach Retreat was born.  

The passionate leaders and Executive team of Forever decided that we would add a third global event to our calendar this year, for all qualifiers of Global Rally 2018 in Dallas and Eagle Manager’s Retreat 2018 in Phoenix, who are unable to attend due to visa restrictions. As you can imagine, organizing and planning two global events for thousands of FBOs is already an ambitious undertaking. Despite the work, the investment and the quick planning that it will take, we are very passionate about doing what we can to give you the experience you deserve.

Thank you for all that you do and know that we appreciate you. I know this will make you all stronger FBOs and I know that your businesses will continue to flourish, allowing you to continue to help develop others. Continue working hard every day and we will continue to focus on ensuring your hard work is always rewarded.

Forever Yours,
Rex Maughan