Remembering What Forever Is Built On

I remember back when Forever started, the success was incredible and we grew rapidly. But, as you know with any business it’s not always smooth sailing. Sometimes, there’s a bump in the road that forces us to find the strength to move forward.

During Christmas of 1982, I was sitting at home with the family when the phone rang. They informed me there had been a freeze at our Aloe plantations in Texas and all of our Aloe was destroyed. I immediately flew to South Texas to see what we could do, hoping and praying that when I arrived what I saw would be better than the news I’d received, but that wasn’t the case. We had no Aloe. And the business immediately began to suffer.

There were some FBOs that left but more importantly, there were those that stayed. It was a tough time for us. We put everything on the line to stay in business and there were many sleepless nights. But we were convinced that what we were doing was right. We decided that this would never happen to us again. We flew out to the Dominican Republic, purchased as much land as we could and began planting Aloe in one of the safest weather zones in the world. In addition to the acres of plantations in the Dominican Republic, we now have plantations in Mexico and South Texas.

It was a tough lesson to learn. But during the toughest times, we become stronger and we grow the most. We grow roots that strengthen us and help us to overcome the challenges and obstacles that life throws at us.

I have learned that solid principles and core beliefs do not have a “sell by” date. It is never old fashioned or out of style to be nice to each other, to honor your commitments and to treat people how you would wish to be treated. I recognize that many of you might not have heard about this story, as you are new in the company. I am thrilled that you’re part of our Forever family but I ask you to be mindful of the foundation upon which this company has been built. Forever was built on the principles of paying the highest bonuses possible, providing the most effective and highest quality products and empowering people to serve one another. 

There are no shortcuts to success in our business. Of course, the speed at which we reach certain levels may vary, but the fundamental principles remain unchanged and will remain unchanged as we continue our journey.

Never forget that you’re part of something special: a business built upon taking the tough road.  It may not be as fast and as shiny as you might want it to be, but take it from me, the road on which you must roll up your sleeves and work hard is richer, more wonderful, more fulfilling and more lasting than you can ever imagine. 


Forever Yours,

Rex Maughan