Read more if you’d like to know how the right eyeshadow can finish your look.

On the catwalk and in the streets we see bright red lips, blue eyeshadows, and pink cheeks; this spring everything’s allowed. This explosion of color offers a lot of freedom, but it's also easy to get lost. No single eyeshadow color is wrong, but your eye color determines what kind of colors make your eyes POP! Our six flawless by Sonya Perfect Pair Eyeshadows make real eyecatchers of your eyes. Combine the colors together and with different looks! Do you want to set an example or stay in the background? Let's look at some tips:

  • Blue eyes: Make your eyes really fashionable with Perfect Pair Eyeshadow Waterfall a combination of THE colors of 2016 Rose Quartz & Serenity. With blue eyeshadow choose one that’s lighter than your iris to make them look bluer. Or get a bit wacky this summer and finish your look with Perfect Pair Eyeshadow Ocean.

  • Brown Eyes: You are lucky because a lot of colors are perfect for your eyes. Choose Perfect Pair Beach or Sand Dune. These combinations of warm brown colors make your eyes sparkle. For a bold look, you use green shades of our Perfect Pair Eyeshadow Forest.

  • Green Eyes: Red is the complement of green and to make your eyes shine choose an eyeshadow which entails this primary color. For example, the color violet of Perfect Pair Eyeshadow Ocean is a mixture of blue and red which give your eyes a wonderful look. Choose a lighter green than your eye color and let your eyes get their shine on with Perfect pair Eyeshadow Forest.

  • Gray Eyes: If you have completely gray eyes the best colors to work with are gray shades of our Perfect Pair Eyeshadow Night Sky. Make your iris darker by choosing a gray that’s lighter and make your iris lighter by choosing a darker gray.

  • Now you know which colors bring out the best in your eyes you are one step further, but we aren’t there yet. Take a look at our Pinboard ‘flawless by Sonya’ for more make-up tips.