Rising to the Occasion

Have you ever heard that through disciplined efforts, rewards are plentiful? I was inspired by this message recently as I read about a 12-year-old boy who lives with his mother and six siblings in Zambia. Clean water and medical care is difficult to come by, and each day on his way to school, he passes homes with no electricity or running water. Despite the challenges his family faces, he makes perfect attendance at school every year! Perfect attendance is not an easy accomplishment for anyone, especially someone who faces challenges getting to school each day.

His hardships at home don’t deter his education. To help him stay nourished and focused for his long day of learning, Rise Against Hunger offers him a meal each day. The organization also provides his whole family with meals throughout the school week, to reward his dedication to getting an education that will help him rise against any of life’s challenges. I’m very proud that we have committed to packing 5 million meals for Rise Against Hunger over the next two years.

There’s a deeper meaning to this story that I’d like you to consider. At the age of 12, when children are not expected to have so much responsibility and are supposed to be blind to the hardships of adulthood, this boy is exemplifying discipline in his daily actions. His consistency gives his family nourishment and care. He wakes up and makes the difficult walk to school even when his health or circumstances create challenges for him. How many adults do you know that are more fortunate and don’t have this same discipline to show up each day?

While we may not struggle with these same hardships, there are difficulties in our lives that are not easy to get through. They create barriers to achieving our goals and sometimes even cause us to underestimate how difficult it may be. While they might be ambitious goals, like packing our 5 million meals, nothing is impossible if we apply effort and work toward progress every day. Think of discipline in terms of climbing a ladder. Each rung you climb, while it may get more challenging the farther up you go, will culminate in bringing you closer to the things that you want and need.

We know that through consistent actions, made wholeheartedly and frequently, we can change the world. Just like the boy who has shown discipline in attending school each day, we must practice discipline to accomplish our goals. As we celebrate our 40th anniversary, take some time to observe the incredible achievements of our leaders and company since the beginning of our business. I hope these motivate you and help you stay disciplined to accomplish everything you desire in 2018 and for years to come.

Two Ways to Become Disciplined in Giving:

1. Donate monthly to Forever Giving to help us fund the meals that will be packed globally throughout the next two years. 2. Find out where the next meal pack is near you or how you can organize your own by contacting your country office and commit to at least two meal packing events per year.

Forever Yours,
Rex Maughan 

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