Slow Down with Nature

It’s a well-known fact that consistent work, putting in the hours and tireless attention to your business directly correlates to achieving more. I understand, part of keeping the momentum going means you may be looking at your phone more often than you probably want. It may feel like you are constantly going, never getting a break.  While it seems like nothing slows down, nature, on the other hand, has a special way of slowing down time for us.

As a young boy growing up in Idaho, I remember taking the time to be still and observe the magnificent nature around me. I loved the outdoors and the energy that filled me when I sat and looked out at the sprawling blue sky. It was during those times that I came to understand and respect the lessons that nature provides – community, freedom and destiny.

It’s amazing how small one can feel while sitting in the woods. Sitting by myself I would watch the birds, animals and insects interact and listen as the breeze rustled the leaves in the trees. Although I felt small, I realized that I was a part of a bigger whole. Like the birds, the ants and the trees, everyone has an important part to play in our community. What we do, directly impacts the other parts. That’s why I believe in the importance of conservation and environmental protection.

Of course, the Eagle has always provided a symbol for freedom for me. I used to enjoy watching them spread their wings and glide effortlessly through the sky. Just as these birds take a leap, we must also let our feet come off the ground to take leaps of faith to find freedom. Sometimes, it’s just about having the faith, letting the wind carry us, and letting go of our safety nets.

If you’ve ever sat down in nature and found a source of water, you probably noticed the natural current that flows. No matter what rock or debris stands in its way, it pushes through to get to its ultimate destination – maybe to a large gorgeous lake or even to the vast ocean. Going against the current wouldn’t be easy, but sometimes we create resistance by not having belief in ourselves or not letting our destiny unfold. We must let go of that resistance and have faith in knowing that it will get us to our ultimate destination.

Coming up to our Global Rally in Dallas next year, I encourage you to experience nature and observe its lesson for yourself by visiting one of the Forever Resorts properties in the United States. As you plan your time here, be sure to book a trip to one of our resorts. There are so many different experiences you can have, from taking out a houseboat on a scenic lake and going on a river rapid adventure to seeing one of the spectacular canyons in Arizona or Utah.

Take the time to step outdoors and seek adventure. You owe it to yourself to slow down a bit when you get here!

Forever Yours,

Rex Maughan