Alena Prochazkova shares her story of becoming the athlete she is today.

I think that my decision was final when I became the World Champion up to 23 years in sprint in
cross-country skiing.

I wanted to repeat the results in the World Cups, senior World Championship and Olympic Games. In the World Cup I succeeded on senior World Championship; my best position is 6th place. And definitely, my trainer and my family also helped me with the decision and results.

It actually started a bit earlier at the Primary School in sports classes in Banská Bystrica. I really longed for becoming an international contestant and taking part at the top competition in the World Cup at the World Championship and Olympic Games. I dreamt about it at that time. I finished the primary school and I was facing the decision whether I should concentrate on sport more. I decided for sport, cross-country skiing was the matter of my heart.

I was about to start my studies at a sports secondary grammar school, but with my father we looked for something more demanding, professional. My father was told about a trainer, arranged a meeting, after passing the tests, I began working with him. He admitted me to their club, where I still belong now. This was the start of my way for the goals I dreamt about. The trainer gradually planned my tailored sports preparation and it resulted in constant sports growth.

Already at the time of my secondary-school studies he insisted I have the presumptions to compete at international competitions with the best sportswomen. At that time, it rather looked like exaggeration to me, but gradually the first results appeared. First, they were the titles of the Slovakia´s Champion, then international success at the FIS competitions, later in junior competitions. I achieved the biggest success in this category in 2007 at the World Championship U23 in sprint in classical technique, when I became the World Champion. Later I started achieving better positions in senior competitions; I was on the winners stand five times and in 2009 I was the winner of the World Cup in sprint in Whistler, Canada.

As it happens in life, success was followed by tougher times. I started to have health issues, which turned to chronic conditions. I started thinking about ending my promising sports career. However, my love for sports won and in spite of a difficult journey I did not give up. Together with my trainer we were looking for the ways and possibilities to strengthen my weakened immunity. At that time, the Forever products helped me a lot. My medical condition got fully stabilized and I again started winning the positions at the world´s top places.

During the World Winter Olympic Games in Erzurum, Turkey, I became the most successful sportswomen with four wins. During the World Championship in 2011 in Oslo, Norway, I won 6th place in sprint. I achieved another place on the winners stand in the Lahti, Finland, in 2013. At the World Championships in 2014 and 2015 I also succeeded to get among the world´s top with the 8th place in this sports discipline and to compete with the sportswomen from Sweden, Norway, Finland, who are much better provided for compared to my conditions. Although I did not make it to the winners stand, this is a motivation for me to work hard and strive to achieve my goal.

Alena Prochazkova
Global F.I.T. Team Athlete