Experience the spring outside

In the springtime the cows are so happy they dance when they get back into the fields. While they’re grazing and enjoying the rays of the sun, the flowers are starting to bloom. After the cold and cloudy winter, we’re also in need of some sunshine (Vitamin D) so gather your friends and family and let’s go outside! When you are on the go it’s important to stay energized. Forever Aloe2Go or, for the more active people among us, Forever Freedom2Go are the perfect drinks to give you new energy where & when you need it. Two tips for spending a day outside:

Bare Feet Pathway
Do you want to enjoy this season while stimulating all your senses? To give your senses the optimal spring experience you can visit ‘A Bare Feet Pathway’ . Because of the 200.000 nerve endings in the sole of your foot, your bare feet function as an extra sense. Walking in nature on bare feet can have a positive effect on your body & mind and it can contribute to soothe your foot issues.

Harvesting Strawberries
Do you love strawberries and being outside ? Then the ‘Aardbeienterras’ is something for you. In Rijsbergen on the Belgian border you can experience a wonderful, delicious and fun day for young and old! At this location you can harvest your own strawberries, take covered wagon trips and enjoy a strawberry lunch. Did you know there even exists strawberry wine?

Excited? Go outside and enjoy the springtime!

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