Stand Behind Your Favorites

According to a study done by McKinsey & Company, a leading global consulting agency, up to 50 percent of purchases made are driven by word of mouth. This study has been done time and time again, proving that direct selling is a viable method of retailing, especially when it’s done right.

As consumers have become more desensitized to mass-media advertising, they’ve turned to word of mouth and seeking the opinions of others to help make their choices. In fact, another study done showed that word of mouth advertising generated twice the sales as paid advertising. Isn’t that an amazing fact?

Social media and blogs rule what’s deemed popular and most people don’t purchase something until they’ve read reviews. Think about how you learn about new restaurants, new movies and new vacation destinations. Do you ask friends? Do you read reviews? The number one way to discover new products and new things is by recommendation. 

How lucky we are to be in an industry that is dependent on doing exactly this. All we must do is ensure we’re doing it correctly. There’s one secret to being successful at the art of recommendation – it’s being honest. Customers want to feel they are given advice they can rely on and information that comes from real experiences.

I love to tell people this simple phrase – “Be a product of the product.” As a representative of The Aloe Vera Company, it’s your role to show people what our aloe products are really all about and just how life changing they can be. Determining the superiority of our products over others for yourself is a key first step if you’re hoping others will also make this discovery. You will only have the tools to sell what you have yourself tried and tested. It all starts with you developing your own opinions and experiences with each product. 

Aloe vera-based product sales and consumption are on the rise. It’s not just the latest trend, but year after year, the demand for products that are based in nature and developed with passion and care continues to grow. It’s clear that people are looking toward companies that offer more natural, healthy, high-quality products they can depend on, and as The Aloe Vera Company, we always look to deliver.

We choose to grow, manufacture and deliver our products through our own process to ensure every product you receive is dependable. As the ambassador for the products and the quality that is a result of our vertical integration, your word is crucial to driving sales and helping other people discover what Forever offers. Your use of the products and how you share them with others is what makes this social business work.

Using the products is the first step to building a successful business. Become a believer and an expert. Become an Aloe Ambassador and develop a business grounded in your own experience of Forever’s fantastic product line.

Keep Smiling,
Gregg Maughan