Summer Fitness

As we head into the full summer season, I’m sure many of us would love to feel confident in our beachwear. Allowing yourself a good 4-6 weeks before you head away on your summer hols will give you a really good chance to feel a little more in shape and ready to pop on that ‘little red bikini’.

Here’s my mini checklist of things you can do to feel fantastic on the beach:

We’re going to look at nutrition, perhaps to shed a few pounds, and get your digestion functioning well. Concentrate on areas to tone up. Most of us ladies would love to shape up our legs, bums and tums, so you’ll feel on top of the world in the sunshine. And, get your skin in tip top condition.

Nutrition for health

A brilliant way to prepare for the lazy summer days ahead would be to kick start your plan with C9. This always gives me loads of energy and makes me feel fantastic. After your 9 days move onto F15 for the next month or so or until you leave for your holiday.

Focus on eating whole, natural foods with good quality healthy fats, lean protein and carbohydrates.

Make sure you check out the fantastic website to calculate your BMR and AMR in order to determine your calorific intake, as this is so important when you're aiming to lose a few pounds. I make sure I stimulate my metabolism by eating smaller meals and eating regularly every 3 hours or so.

Check out the F.I.T. booklets for great meal suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner including healthy snacks and free foods.

Exercise for shape

Most of us would like to look our best on holiday so please check out the ‘Quick Core Workout’ in Aloe Matters Issue 15 pages 8/9 or take a look online at

Take advantage of the lovely light evenings and warmer weather to do this programme outdoors and better still get a bunch of friends together.

I took a few friends and our children to our local park to do this workout just the other day and we had a blast, using a few workout mats, skipping rope, bands and a medicine ball.  This can all be done with pure bodyweight so don't worry if you don't have any equipment. I set up five stations and we worked through the exercises in the ‘Aloe Matters’ brochure.

We warmed up with a walk/jog for five minutes then a whole body stretch before starting the exercises.You can use this programme in a ‘HIIT’ style (high intensity interval training) with a work time of 30 seconds to 20 seconds rest and build up to a greater work time whilst reducing rest time. i.e. 40sec/10sec.

Your whole workout will only last around 12 mins or so depending on how many times you go around the circuit. HIIT training has all the benefits of continuous endurance workouts but tends to burrn more fat especially post-exercise. We completed the circuit three times and some of us increased our speed to a ‘flat out’ pace.

Our cool down session consisted of a walk or jog around the park, before our final stretches. Aim to do this programme 3 or 4 times a week and you’ll certainly start to see some changes in tone and shape.

Skin well prepared

We all want to have beautiful looking, smooth skin and we have just the products. I love to use our aloe scrub three to four times a week all over the face and body. Along with Relaxation massage lotion, this leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturised.

Another favourite of mine is the wonderful products in our Forever Body Wraps, I use these at least once a week leading up to holidays for my legs, bum & tum to get rid of excess fluid.

Finally a few top tips to help it all run along smoothly and to ensure you hold onto that hard earned new body while you’re away.

Top Tips for on holiday

  • Continue to make healthy food choices daily - lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and good quality lean proteins.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Reduce your alcohol if you have reintroduced it, or choose lower calorie options, like spirits & low calorie mixers, rather than beers and wines.
  • Take every opportunity to exercise around your holiday accommodation as part of your holiday - lots of walking! Enjoy fresh air and a lack of ‘workday stress’
  • If you, like me need to continue to train while away then use ‘bands’ instead of weights as these are easy and light to pack…. Remember your trainers!
  • Keep exfoliating & moisturize well to hold onto your tan for much longer.
  • Remember to use your Aloe Sunscreen everyday to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. Limit your time in the high midday sun.

I hope this has been useful in giving you a mini plan to jump into action for your summer holidays