Stay Safe from the Summer Sun

Staying sun-safe isn’t always easy. There’s so much to enjoy outdoors when the weather gets warmer and sometimes, sun-protection is the last thing on your mind. With Forever, we always have you covered!

Did you know the sun can wreak havoc on your skin no matter how long you’re outdoors? From short periods of sun exposure, to long days when your skin becomes sensitive and red, the damage from the sun is irreversible.

Aloe Sunscreen Spray and Aloe Sunscreen are perfect for every day. You can choose between lather on lotion or a spray, it’s your preference. Both are water resistant and SPF 30! Tip: Don’t forget to reapply often. When you’re done playing in the sun, get some relief and cool down with Aloe First Spray and Aloe Vera Gelly. Both have high-concentrations of Aloe to help your skin recover from the sun’s harsh rays.

One place on your body that you may not think about is your lips. Did you know your lips can get burned from the sun, also? It’s true! And because the skin on your lips is much more sensitive, it’s easier for this area to be burned faster. So, don’t forget to apply Forever Sun Lips often while outdoors. Not only does it protect your skin from sun damage, but the minty feel will leave you feeling cool and fresh.

Enjoy your summer vacations and remember to play it safe with sunscreen!

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