The Amazing ARGI+

Did you know that a free product comes in every autoship shipment of Vital5®! What's even better is we're offering another special gift on the sixth month of your Vital5® autoship - ARGI+®! How it works: In addition to the product of the month that you'll normally get, the sixth time you receive your autoship order and every sixth months after that, you'll get a bag of ARGI+®. Why? It's because we want to thank you for your dedication to the products! 

There are so many amazing benefits in ARGI+® - here are some of the key ones we want to shout about:

L-ARGININE A popular amino acid and a building block for proteins. It plays many important roles in the body, from supporting cellular function to boosting nitric oxide production – that’s why ARGI+® is so popular with athletes and avid workout enthusiasts. 

VITAMIN C Supports normal collagen formation for the normal function of blood vessels, bones, cartilage, gums, skin and teeth. Vitamin C also contributes to a normal energy-yielding metabolism, normal function of the immune system and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

VITAMIN K Supports normal blood-clotting and the maintenance of normal bones.

VITAMIN D Supports the maintenance of normal bones and muscle function.

VITAMIN B6 Supports normal functioning of the nervous system and normal protein and glycogen metabolism.

VITAMIN B12 Supports normal psychological function and normal red blood cell formation. 


  • Contains folate (folic acid) which supports normal amino acid synthesis, normal blood formation and it plays a role in process of cell division.

  • Contains wholesome dark berries including red grapes, blackberries, blackcurrants, blueberries, elderberries, raspberries and Morello cherries.

  • ARGI+® comes in convenient stick sachets that can easily be thrown into a gym bag.

What are you waiting for? Get ARGI+ and elevate your workout game! 

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