The Christmas Truce

An incredible thing happened on Christmas Eve of 1914. During World War I, the trenches on the Western Front experienced something some would call miraculous. As the evening rolled in, shots and noise of war began to fade. German soldiers set out small trees decorated with lights and Christmas carols began to ring out from both the British and the German sides. Instruments could even be heard as the soldiers shared treats and cheer in celebration of the holiday.  

At daylight, the German troops were seen walking across the “No Man’s Land” to greet their opposing forces. They called “Merry Christmas” in their enemies’ language and even brought presents as a sign of peace! Of course, this took the British troops by a bit of surprise, but soon enough they brought out gifts and shook hands with the enemy. Some accounts even say there was a friendly soccer match between the opposing sides.

What this day signifies is much more than just a Holiday truce. It goes beyond whether we celebrate Christmas or Hanukah or have different religious beliefs. This day proves that no matter what our differences are, there is always something that can unite us and we can find a way to set aside our conflicts, even for just a few moments to remember what that unifying factor really means to us.

I’m Forever Proud to have witnessed Forever Business Owners forget their differences, put aside backgrounds and beliefs and unite with one mission – to change people’s lives all over the world. Forever is our shared belief. It’s a great unifier between us that helps us do something that is even greater than we can know.  Think about how many lives have changed over the last several decades from just one small plant and the power of your work around the world. It’s beyond just helping people be healthier or gain financial freedom. Many of you have even dedicated your time and money to charitable organizations and to doing good in your communities. There is a lot of power in this unity. 

Forever events are a great example of this unity. You just have to see the mix of cultures and languages for yourself. When I walk out on stage and see hundreds of different flags flying proud, the emotions really do hit me. Where do some of you even find flags that big? But, all jokes aside, it’s like a scene out of a movie. An even more fantastic thought I have when I look out at the crowd is that we’re all in that room together because of one reason - Forever. 

I hope this story of the Christmas Truce gives you peace and inspires you to reach across borders, put away differences and come together to do something good this Holiday season. As you’re celebrating with your families and ringing in the New Year, remember that you are Forever and through your work you are helping to unite the world through a love of Aloe and a belief in the Opportunity.

Happy Holidays to all!

Gregg Maughan