The Forever Commitment

When Rex launched Forever Living Products almost 40 years ago and dreamed up the Marketing Plan, his vision was to create a plan with a commitment to ensuring that every Forever Business Owner would be fairly compensated and rewarded for their work. His dedication to creating the best Marketing Plan in the world stays true to this day.

This month, Forever is announcing new policies that are going into effect on the 1st of September. I won't get into the details of each update here but it is important to me, Rex and the Executive team to share with you why we have made these changes…and it’s all about commitment.

Each policy enhancement stands alone to either improve our systems, provide clarity in some grey areas or to fairly reward you and the many FBOs who are focused on growing their business consistently. As we grow, we recognize that we need to give everyone the best chance for success and give improved business benefits to those who are showing a commitment to joining us for the long haul. In fact, we are confident that these improvements to our business will help all hard working FBOs around the world to flourish. 

We know that so many of you have dedicated your time and energy to sharing the products with as many people as you can. You’ve stepped outside of your comfort zone, you’ve become an expert in the products and you have spent your time nurturing your contacts and helping others build their businesses and achieve their dreams.  That’s the commitment you’ve given to Forever.

In return, we continue to create and improve our fantastic products, we offer an opportunity that you can depend on, we give you incentives that can change your life and we promise to ensure our Marketing Plan best serves you. The policy changes happening this September are part of that ongoing commitment.

As these new policies go into effect on September 1st, we hope you’ll find over the coming months and years that they are beneficial to your growth. I know that with change, sometimes comes uncertainty, but I am confident that you’ll see that continual improvement only makes room for an even brighter future for us all. 

Keep Smiling,

Gregg Maughan
President, Forever Living Products