The Forever Living Thirty-Four-Year Journey of Pierette de la Poterie

Two of the most legendary FBOs in the history of Forever Living, Guy and Pierette de la Poterie built a business that spans across three continents. It was in 1992 that Pierette and her late husband Guy launched Forever in France, and over three decades they built an incredible group that branches across North America, Europe and Africa. They fully dedicated their lives to Forever Living since the beginning and believe “high achievement implies hard work and a true belief in the Company, its products and its Marketing Plan.”

Success didn’t come easy for Guy and Pierette de la Poterie – it took a leap of faith. This is a common characteristic that runs deep in entrepreneurs. A deeply held ideology that they will achieve their goals through persistence and that the risk is worth the reward.

In the early 1980s, Guy worked as a pharmaceutical representative at a renowned company when he discovered the medicinal aspect of Aloe Vera. He had a good, steady job of seventeen-years but felt a calling to do more. His wife, Pierette worked at the Experimental Phonetics Laboratory at the French Department of the University of Toronto. Both Guy and Pierette enjoyed their work, but Guy was fascinated with Aloe Vera and a young company that had launched four years earlier  – Forever Living Products.

Guy flew out to New York from Toronto to attend a meeting and to learn more about the opportunity. When he came back to Toronto to discuss Forever with Pierette they agreed that he would start the business in Quebec City and she would stay in Toronto until their two children, Marie-Claude and Eric finished their school year.

“He worked hard during those first six months to prove to me that this Aloe Vera business was a good decision,” recalls Pierette. “I was impressed and after six months, he made enough money to buy a house!” Pierette fondly remembers her first home, paid for with the help of Forever, “It had a huge garden with a deep swimming pool. It needed a lot of renovations to make it suitable to our taste but we were confident that in working together we would make enough money to turn this old house into a nice place to live.”

Guy and Pierette began working together, and over the next ten years became General Managers for the Providence of Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick. They organized many meetings all over the territory and incorporated their children into the business. Eric unloaded the delivery van and stocked product, Marie-Claude assisted with post-meeting sales at the literature table. With time, they honed their skills and grew their business enough to reach the level of Sapphire Manager.

After 10 years with Forever, they heard that Rex wanted to open the business in France and were both very interested in this new project. “Rex gave us his full confidence and we moved to France in September of 1992,” says Pierette. After months of organizing everything and finding the perfect location for the Forever Living Products Head Office in Paris, they held the Grand Opening in May of 1993. Guy and Pierette worked in Paris for eight years as Managing Directors and both adult children remained involved in the business. Marie-Claude opened and co-directed the Forever Living Products Head Office in Poland. while Eric continued supporting and developing their flourishing Canadian business. Guy and Pierette grew their business into the French Caribbean Islands, and Guy visited a few interested prospects from French African countries as well.

Then in 2010, everything changed. “My dearly beloved husband had a sudden heart attack and passed away during a post-rally tour in San Francisco on my birthday, August 16, 2010,” remembers Pierette. “I was so dismayed by the suddenness of his passing. The only consolation for me was that I knew that he had a fulfilling life. Indeed, he felt we had accomplished an important and essential goal in succeeding to build such a large and wonderful team of FBOs all over the world. We really enjoyed working together to expand our Forever business. Learning how to fly and rely on our own wings made us, with time and hard work, financially free and proud of what we accomplished together.”

Years ago, Guy and Pierette were honored by Rex for their outstanding work in launching Forever Living in France. At that time, Guy and Pierette expressed that when working with FBOs, helping them succeed and achieve a higher level is always a thrilling satisfaction and that it enhances the desire to share this great opportunity.

Fast forward to today, and while Pierette has changed since the passing of Guy, with the help of her loving and devoted children, she is holding down the fort and honoring him by continuing to build a strong business that helps others achieve their goals. 

"Now that thirty-four-years has gone by, I’m happy to see my large international networks thriving,” says Pierette. “I plan meetings from my home-based business and thanks to the internet – not available in the eighties! – I’m now able to keep in touch with longtime retail customers, FBOs and new prospects all over the world. I’m still focused on sharing the opportunity and helping others do the same. What a great lifestyle Forever Living Products is offering to all of us!”

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