The Global Social Network

There are so many channels of communication and expression available to us now. I won’t pretend that I know all of them, but I do have grandkids so I know what a tweet is and that you can learn more about our FBOs from a ten minute Instagram stalking session than I’d learn in a ten hour executive meeting! That's before you even get going on Facebook or Snapchat. I love technology and what a blessing it has been to our industry. The voice of millions is now being heard because smart men and women from all over the world were brave enough to build and use these fabulous technologies. 

We interact with, and “bump into” lots of other people as we navigate through our business and personal lives. These interactions are typically the best of what life has to offer and now we can share these experiences and observations with each other via this myriad of new communication channels. Years ago, we were more restricted. If we wanted to tell a story it was in person – in person, with a physical photograph, or maybe if you were lucky, a 35mm slideshow!

With our new global reach, we must remember to be hyper aware of what we are saying and how we are saying it.  As an FBO, please make sure what you are posting is in accordance with our policies, but most importantly in accordance with who you are. We are occasionally asked to deal with a post or comment that has caused offense. Often it was unintentional, but the hurt it causes is real and lasting. 

It would be unrealistic to assume that we will perfect this use of our new global megaphone. But I think we can get better at it. From my observations, if we were to follow these four rules, I am confident it would go a long way in making Forever’s cyberspace a better place. I know these are unorthodox, but I am confident that if you looked back to a time you have been offended, or offended another it would have been avoided if you had followed these rules.

  1. Don’t post after midnight.
  2. Don’t post angry
  3. Don’t post something you wouldn’t say face-to-face
  4. Don’t post something if you wouldn’t feel comfortable framing it and hanging it on your children’s wall

They are tough rules, but with your global reach comes global responsibility. 

At this thanksgiving time of year, I am grateful for the wonder of the Internet - for each of one of you that is willing to take your time to write a positive review, answer someone’s question or post a helpful video. I am grateful to you, our FBO’s. Your goodness and commitment to each other never fails to amaze me. In our world of turmoil you are a beacon of hope to every country, every tribe and every culture. I am thankful to you for your continued support. I am thankful to Forever, our exceptional company, that allows ordinary people like me to experience extraordinary things. 

Happy Posting and Happy Thanksgiving. 

Forever Yours,

Rex Maughan
CEO, Forever Living Products