The Greatest Story

You’ve often heard me say “The power of Forever is the power of love”.

But, it’s hard to explain the power of love, isn’t it? And yet, despite the near impossibility of describing something emotional, it still feels like the best way to explain who we are and what we do.  In my experience, the best way to understand a feeling is to truly experience it. Noted French film director, Jean Luc Godard has said “Sometimes reality is too complex. Stories give it form.”

This year, as we are celebrating 40 years of Forever, I have spent quite a bit of time reflecting on my favorite memories and looking back at all the stops on our journey to get here. As we got to thinking about the past and the people and places that have helped to shape Forever, we realized that these stories help to bring the power of love to life.

We wanted to take time to share the stories of some of these people and the moments that shaped them with you, and have put 39 of our favorites into our “40 Stories of Forever” book that we launched at Global Rally in Dallas. At first, we thought that these stories would help bring life to 40 years of good deeds, harrowing journeys and masterful businesses, but what we ended up with is so much more! 

Whether it’s a tale of a man who has dedicated his whole life to one job, rain or shine, because of the pride he takes in his work or the story of a woman who knew she could change the future for a whole village just by providing fresh water, each of these stories possesses a sort of magic. They are all part of the power of love and how Forever gives us each an amazing opportunity to share kindness and to pay hope forward.

Even more, we found that there was something even more powerful in pulling these stories together from all over the world. When we tried to pick out our favorites, or the ones that told the Forever story the best, we found we couldn’t. We knew that the stories couldn’t just end on the final page of the book. And that’s why we’ve only chosen 39. Because the greatest story of all is YOURS. 

The Forever story is an ever-growing collection of tales, reminiscences and legacies that remind us that the power of Forever is intangible and exists in many different forms. It shows me that there’s nothing greater than people working together for a common goal – to make the world a better place.  And it makes it clear that the future is bright!

As we celebrate our 40th birthday, I invite each of you to give the gift of sharing your story.  It’s only then that you will truly understand how the power of Forever is the power of love.

Forever Yours,
Rex Maughan