Forever Active Pro-B™: The Key to Revving Your Gut

Get ready, get set, start your digestive health engines with new Forever Active Pro-B™. Our advanced probiotic promotes a healthy digestive system with 6 beneficial probiotic strains and more than 8 billion “good” bacteria to keep your gut healthy and running smoothly.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to ignore gut health and underestimate how central it is to overall health. These vital organs are the common denominator for many health problems. Stress, poor food choices, environmental factors and a busy lifestyle bog down our gastrointestinal tract, and over time, can have effects on your body including fatigue, a weakened immune system, difficulty maintaining a healthy weight and problems with your skin.

Scientists have found that the composition of the microflora in the intestines can have a significant impact on overall health and well-being. Using a probiotic can help to rebalance the “good” bacteria in your digestive system to help promote healthy digestive and immune systems.

New research shows that good probiotics should have between 5 and 10 billion CFU, survive throughout the GI tract to colonize and proliferate, boast a combination of strains with complementary properties, have clinically validated health effects and be produced and packaged with no or low moisture.

Forever Active Pro-B™ is at the forefront of probiotic research with over 8 billion CFU made up of 6 synergistic bacteria strains. This probiotic powerhouse is able to bypass stomach acid for optimal delivery in the intestines. Simply take one capsule daily to help support balanced digestive and immune systems.

To create Forever Active Pro-B™, we partnered with the Copenhagen University Hospital—a leader in the gastroenterology field—to get your gut into gear. Two of the strains that make up Forever Active Pro-B™ have been clinically proven to allow for extended colonization in the intestines. These specially engineered probiotics work synergistically with the other selected strains to optimize your digestive tract with clinically proven bacteria that benefits your system and maximizes results.    

Our unique blend also includes a prebiotic fiber that is ideal for sustaining, storing and delivering the probiotics to your gut. This fiber supports the fermentation of bifidobacteria and lactobacillus—two bacteria strains in Forever Active Pro-B™ to help ensure that more probiotic strains survive to where your body needs them most.

Soy and allergen-free, Forever Active Pro-B™ is a vegetarian capsule that is uniquely manufactured and cryogenically frozen to preserve the potency of our probiotic strains.  Forever Active Pro-B™ is packaged with Activ Vial Technology, a specially engineered sleeve built into the bottle to protect the product from moisture. This exclusive, technology preserves potency during the manufacturing process and throughout its shelf life.

Our no-fuss probiotic is easy-to-use and requires no refrigeration. Simply take it once daily for the best results. Forever Active Pro-B™ is also part of our Vital5® combo pak and complements our patented Aloe Vera Gel®, which helps maintain a healthy digestive system and natural energy levels.

Get ready to rev your digestive health with Forever Active Pro-B™ and enjoy all the benefits!

What are CFUs and why are billions important for gastrointestinal health?
These “colony forming units” determine how many bacteria in probiotics can divide and form colonies. Only probiotic bacteria that is alive can colonize—and getting live bacteria into your gut is probiotics’ goal.

Live or “good” bacteria have many perks, including supporting a healthy immune system, assisting the process of food digestion, helping to release nutrients for absorption and contributing positively to normal human growth and development.