The Process of Evolution

Have you ever heard someone tell you that wisdom is equal to time? Maybe you’ve met someone who is “wise beyond their years”, or someone who has knowledge you wish you could acquire if only time allowed. It’s easy to relate time and knowledge because of the obvious correlation. More time to learn should equal more learned. However, I believe that even the wisest are only as good as the knowledge that they put into action. Keeping with the colloquialisms, this is why the phrase “actions speak louder than words” is used so often.

Celebrating 40 years in business could mean to many people that we’ve become wise in our industry, in manufacturing and harvesting Aloe Vera and even in developing a strong, time tested marketing plan. Sure, these are all things we’ve grown more knowledgeable about year after year, but hanging our hats on that wisdom would be a waste of those precious years.

One of the things that I am the most “Forever Proud” of is that, as a company, we have never rested solely on the success of our past. Every bit of wisdom we gain, we put back to work. Every lesson we learn, we use to make ourselves stronger. Every success we are thankful for, frames our next steps forward. 

Our manufacturing and production facilities strive to stay forward thinking. They not only learn from past experiences, but know that continued knowledge in their fields will only strengthen us as we move forward. Our executives and business development teams continue to make progress on the marketing plan to ensure we are staying modern in our compensation structure and adding benefits that will help benefit our Forever Business Owners the most.

Creating change and moving forward can only happen if you take the time to look back and really reflect on what you’ve learned, good or bad. This is not only true for Forever, but also for each of you. Can you remember your first Chairman’s Bonus check? Do you remember what it felt like to achieve Global Rally or Eagle Manager’s Retreat? Think to yourself how hard you worked to achieve that Manager pin and the proud moment when you were recognized for it.

Bookmarked by those moments are the ones where you failed, where you questioned yourself, where you were molded by difficult times. These are moments that made you wise and taught you lessons about yourself that you otherwise would have never learned. There are two paths you can take with the wisdom you gain: the path to complacency or to evolution.

As we’ve come to find out, we can’t rest on 40 years in business alone. That could be a dangerous path to stagnating in our business and risking our ability to help people all over the world look better and feel better. Sure, there have been fantastic times, advancements and successes in our past, but we won’t stop there. Instead, we will use what we’ve learned to inspire the next 40 years of Forever. I encourage each one of you to do the same!

Forever Yours,
Rex Maughan