The Secrets of Success

A quick Google search of “the secrets of success” provides 93 million results almost instantly. What is it about other people’s path to success that makes us so eager to learn more? Most of those Google results will tell you that while there are some traits that successful people have in common, the majority of them are based around attitude, not where you are born or what opportunities you’ve had access to along the way. This leads back to one of my favorite Henry Ford quotes:

 “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you’re right.”

One of the questions that I’m most frequently asked is “what are the secrets to success in our business?” I think this is a natural question – we see others achieving and want to understand what has led to their accomplishments so that we can emulate them.

As I talk with leaders from all over the world, there are a few things that remain constant. The most prominent among them is attitude.  But there are a few more things that those who are successful in our business share. I don’t know that I would call these “secrets” but they ARE important steps to success in our business.

  1. Build a solid, recurring customer base through perfect follow-up and customer service.  
  2. Use the products.
  3. Be 4CC Active and show your groups how to do the same. 
  4. Sponsor every month.
  5. Work towards qualifying for every incentive. They are there to guide you as you build your business.  All the pin positions, Eagle Manager, Global Rally, Chairman’s Bonus and all of your local incentives are there to challenge you and reward you for working hard. 

Working towards supporting each of these areas in your business OR failing to support just one of them, can be the difference between tremendous success and a minimal return on your valuable time and efforts. It’s true that there’s no silver bullet to success and that it will take hard work…but this is a proven plan.  

Forever was built on the principle that anyone could achieve their goals if they are willing to work hard and our marketing plan is the roadmap. Aren’t we lucky that in Forever, success isn’t a secret?

Forever Yours,

Rex Maughan
CEO, Forever Living Products 

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