The Way Forward

Whenever I sit down to write that last letter of the year, it is difficult to not fall into the trap of making the letter a list of accomplishments and achievements for the past twelve months. Of course, 2016 was a great year for us and we can all be proud of another year of growth in many aspects of our business. We will never take success for granted and we know the hard work and sacrifice that goes into building your Forever future and we are grateful to all of you for being willing to work hard to build a Forever life.   

But I want to take moment to lay out our vision for the future as opposed to celebrating the past. We have been around a long time and we have learned over the years that you have to be vigilant and disciplined in your messaging and focus in order to stay current in a marketplace crowded with competition and too many noisy distractions. 

To help your message through the chaos of our crowded market place, it is imperative that we stay true to Forever’s core message. Forever has always strived to be Pure and Simple with the best products we can make and the simplest marketing plan. In 2017, you will continue to see us working hard to enhance our products through ingredient upgrades and packaging improvements. You’ll also see further significant investment and innovations in our processes, policies and marketing plan that will simplify the business and how you do it.  

Another key aspect of our message is our USP’s. What is it that makes Forever unique?  Obviously there are many aspects of Forever that we feel confident are unique and go above and beyond our competition. However, we have identified 5 areas that we think we should all focus on that will enable you to more effectively explain who we are.

  1. In business since 1978. We are not perfect but we understand how to be successful and we have proven that we are disciplined enough as a company to make the right decisions over a long period of time.
  2. Our Aloe is the very best. Our Aloe is pure, proven and good for you.  We control the entire process so we know what the quality is and how much Aloe is in each product.
  3. We are vertically integrated. We believe enough in what we do that we purchased and our constantly reinvesting in the entire supply chain in order for us to control price, quality and availability.  We even own the ground that the Aloe grows in and the people that harvest it work for the Forever Family. We are not selling someone else’s product with our label on it. It is truly ours from plant to product to you. 
  4. Proven Marketing Plan. Our payment and rewards plan has withstood the test of time and all market conditions. We are not experimenting! 
  5. Proven Leadership. Our staff throughout the world has shown over and over again that they are motivated by the long term success of Forever and they recognize that their success is dependent on our ability to create a profitable environment for every FBO and customer around the world. 

I hope this helps you all see what we are thinking and what is important to us.  I am so proud of each of you and what a thrill it is to be associated with you as we build something very special together. 

Have wonderful Christmas and holiday time.  Take time to reach out to those you love and maybe even to those that you don’t! 

Forever Yours,

Rex Maughan

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