Valentine’s Day is February 14th and in the spirit of the season, we have been thinking of all of the reasons that we LOVE Forever! Of course, we can’t list them all here, but here are a few of our favorite things that we can’t stop talking about at Forever!

Another Great Reason to Be 5K
New in 2016, we are adding a fantastic new reason to qualify for Global Rally at the 5K level! Each NEW 5K FBO will be invited to attend Eagle Manager’s Retreat the following year. We LOVE our Eagle Manager’s Retreat and want to make sure those in our business that achieve 5K understand how much higher their business can soar with the Eagle Manager Incentive.

We know you’ll love traveling around the world, experiencing amazing trainings and networking with other top leaders in our business so much you won’t be able to help but qualify for Eagle Manager yourself! To learn more about Forever Incentives including Global Rally and Eagle Manager, visit our incentives page.

Take the Journey
How much do you know about Forever? With the interactive journey pages, you can learn more about how our Aloe is grown and cultivated, turned into your favorite products and used to drive the engine of the greatest business opportunity in the world! Take tours of the Forever facilities, meet the people at Forever who make it all possible and learn more about how Forever is bringing you some of the best things in the world. From plant to product to you! Take the Journey.

Personalize with Your FBO ID
That’s right! Now you can add your FBO ID to the beginning of the URL to make sure your customers can shop and join under your ID without having to memorize a number. Just add your FBO ID to the beginning of the URL, followed by and send it to your customers for a simple way to sign up and shop under you. Example:

Giving Back with Forever Giving
Forever Giving is one of the ways that we love giving back and supporting children and families around the world. Forever Giving works to support those affected by natural disasters, harsh living conditions, lack of access to food or clean water and so much more! We love having the opportunity to help others and encourage you to contribute by participating in one of our Forever Giving Global Rally events, by donating a portion of your bonus check or buying one of our adorable Aloe Babies. Learn more about Forever Giving at

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