This is Her Moment: The Marta Omachel Story

What started as a way for a young mom to make extra income working from home has grown into a global business for Forever Living Eagle Manager Marta Omachel. “My life before Forever was very different,” explains Marta. “I moved to the United States when I was just 19 years old. I spoke a little English, was going to school and working multiple jobs.”

A mother of two, Marta says she started Forever because she wanted to spend more time with her kids. “I was a pharmacy tech, was doing some modeling and runway coaching, and running a small cleaning business. At the end of the day, most of my income went to cover daycare expenses. When I first heard about Forever I wasn’t aware of the business opportunity, I was simply introduced to the products, tried them and liked them. When I learned about the business opportunity, I immediately realized that it could change my life,” says Marta. “I had two little kids and thought this could be a chance to earn extra money while being home, it was flexible and something I could do while being a mom.”

Marta started her home-based Forever business by promoting products, working from home part-time, using a laptop and smartphone. Her first buy was a Sonya Skin Care Kit which ended up being prophetic as she entered, and won the Miss Sonya contest in 2012. “Becoming Miss Sonya World was such an amazing experience,” Marta remembers. “When Forever took me to the Post Rally Tour, I really had a chance to see how this company treated their FBOs. It inspired me, I was sold. Their generosity and how Forever cared about every single person at the event drove me to work even harder in my own business.”

Marta points to believing in herself as a key to her success in Forever. “I became a better person through Forever. I had a hard time believing in myself - for a long time, it was a big issue. I attended trainings and was devoted to my business. Soon, I found myself building bigger and bigger groups. There were challenges along the way, but I learned that challenges are part of this business, and that was large part of my own personal growth.”

Recently attending the Eagle Manager Retreat in Greece, Marta says she owes a lot of her success to the dedication of her team. “They treat Forever like a real business. The Eagle Manager Retreat made me realize that next year I want to bring more people with me so my amazing team can feel the power of this incentive as well.”

Not complacent, Marta is lightning-focused on growing her knowledge and her business. “I am still learning this business. I am so eager to know more, to understand more, to get better. I still attend trainings, and I make lots of notes. It’s an amazing feeling to notice the change in myself and to continually achieve a higher level of understanding in this business. I feel as though I am becoming a leader that people will start to follow. I love what I do. Nothing gives me joy like helping my team and watching their own personal growth, it’s priceless.”

Marta gives this piece of advice for both new and experienced FBOs, “I’m grateful for this opportunity and I often think about what could have been if the choices I made were different. Life is too short to wait for a perfect moment. THIS is the moment.”

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