Time to Create

As I write this letter, I am getting ready to depart for our Global Leadership Team Summit in Andorra where the Executive team will meet with our top leaders to discuss our Forever businesses. This time is critical for us because we get the opportunity to talk through the issues, concerns, expectations and realities of what is happening in the field.

These conversations always get me excited about the future. While they may not always be highlights of the wins, they are crucial building blocks for our continually growing company. The key to why these conversations get me so amped up, despite some being difficult conversations to have with our leaders, is because in the end we find solutions, positivity and progress.

Often as business owners do, we find ourselves so bogged down with the present. We think about all the things that may be wrong or that need fixing. But, that type of thinking doesn’t progress us toward our goal. It only sends us into a spiral of more negativity and doubt.  

Instead, the moments I have with the GLT that really get me energized are the ones that inspire something exciting and new for our FBOs. The ideas that come out of intense conversations and giddy brainstorming help us think of creative ways to invigorate the business and continue growing into our 40th year in business. These discussions help guide us toward new places and unexplored territories.

I’ve had many discussions with FBOs in the past and one thing I realize is that there are only two ways to think about something – negatively or positively. The negative thinking always ends in a complaint. Whether it’s something not working for the individual or something they don’t like, the outcome of the conversation ends without action. But, when an FBO approaches me with a solution, that’s when my mind really blossoms.

That positivity is the charge that leads us to more opportunity. Progress is born. When I meet with the GLT, I will take my best outlook and positive mindset into our discussions. What can we do more effectively? How can we make this business even better? It’s not about what’s wrong with things now, but only about how we can improve our future.

As I do this, I encourage all of you to put this same mentality into practice. Develop this mindset and watch your business grow.

Keep Smiling,
Gregg Maughan