Today, Not Someday

As we get closer to Forever’s 40th birthday, I’m reminded that I didn’t begin Forever knowing that in 40 years it would operate in more than 150 countries and have a sales force of millions of independent business owners. I simply began Forever with a dream, as many Forever Business Owners do. How we accomplish with that dream, is entirely up to each one of us individually.

There’s an adage based on Parkinson’s Law that says, “work expands to fill the time we allot to it."

Putting this in our language, if you tell yourself that it will take you one year to become a Manager, then it will take you one year. If you tell yourself that it will take you three months to become a Manager, then it will take you three months. The question you must ask yourself then is how badly do you want to reach your goals and how much work are you willing to put into accomplishing them?

This is motivation by deadline. As I’ve gotten to know many of our FBOs around the world, I’ve been fascinated by their stories. What makes them successful? What makes them unique? There’s one FBO whose story has ignited my interest in this theory, one that exemplifies Parkinson’s Law.

When this young mother found the opportunity, she knew she only had a short time to prove this was a viable business for her family. Her motivations tugged at her daily, reminding her she needed a way out of the current life she and her family lived.

With the constant pain her family was enduring daily, she committed to proving this business would work in just a few weeks. There wasn’t just a dedication to this time frame, there was urgency and dependency on the belief that Forever would be her saving grace. She gave herself six weeks and did you know that six weeks was all it took for this FBO to make Manager? In fact, using the same principles, this FBO landed a coveted position in the Global Leadership Team in just a few short years, changing her life completely.

It was all because of urgency. Urgency is defined as importance requiring swift action. Think about how quickly you’d like to create second income for yourself, quit your day job, get a new car that you can depend on or even afford to give your children better education.

Are you ready to make massive progress in your business? Be motivated by deadline and give yourself that sense of urgency to see your dreams come to life.

Forever Yours,
Rex Maughan
CEO, Forever Living Products