What Eagle Managers Represent

In less than a month, several of the staff and a few thousand FBOs will be waving off the coast of Barcelona as the Freedom of the Seas cruise ship takes them through the Mediterranean. This is one of the rewards of being an Eagle Manager, but while it’s a significant part of the Eagle incentive, there’s something I believe we haven’t talked about enough – what it means to be an Eagle.

There is the recognition it comes with, but more importantly, there are traits that define the type of FBO an Eagle Manager represents. These following four characteristics are not the only identifiers of a true leader, but they are several of the strongest qualities seen in these high-achievers.


Having faith in yourself, the products, the business and the journey is not only a core ingredient of an excellent Forever leader, but it’s also the special power that keeps Eagle Managers positive and persevering. When an Eagle has true belief, they can accomplish anything because believing and desire is half of the secret to success. With strong belief, nothing can shake a leader.


If you asked an Eagle Manager what they want to achieve next month, they may tell you that they want to increase their sales by 15%. When you go back to that Eagle the following month, you can bet they have achieved it and they are ready to report on how they did it. Part of being an Eagle means you’re committed to do what it takes to complete your goal.


You may be thinking that communication is an obvious trait for a network marketer, but you’ll be surprised at how many FBOs don’t fully understand what communication entails. Leaders are masters at this skill using it to influence others to accomplish their mission by providing direction, motivation and purpose. Communication is verbal, as well as non-verbal. It means being able to express positive news and recognition, but also being able to give criticism and report on negative feedback.


Possibly one of the most important traits of a leader is consistency. Ensuring that you have steadfast adherence to the same principles means you’ve become an unsinkable ship. No matter how rough the seas get, your ship never fails  you. Consistency is built through building the right habits and keeping the end in mind. Eagles are a true representation of consistency because they have built businesses that bring not only themselves into the light of success, but they also focus on bringing others up. To accomplish this, they must be able train, mentor and guide other FBOs through their journey.

Qualification for Eagle Manager 2018 is open until April 30th, 2018. Are you up for the challenge? I urge you to talk to other Eagles to ask them about their success and discover what it takes to be one of these leaders. Also, be sure to follow the events happening at this year’s Eagle Manager’s Retreat by following Forever on social media and searching the hashtag #EMR17. You’ll soon find out why you don’t want to miss the opportunity to be part of this elite group. 

Keep Smiling,

Gregg Maughan
President, Forever Living Products