What's New with FLP360

Forever strives to bring you the latest technology to help you grow your business and track your progress. With FLP360, we're working hard to make sure everything you need to know about your business is in the palm of your hands anytime, anywhere.

Mobile App 

One of the best features of FLP360 is the ability to take your business on the go with the mobile application, available for download on iTunes and the Google Play Store. We're excited to announce the latest updates to the FLP360 Mobile App allow you to not only be on top of your business at all times, but also get personalized information in the most convenience way possible.

When you login, you now have the option to view your content in your preferred language, with more than 31 languages to choose from! Wherever you are in the world and whatever language you speak, you can always be confident that the information will reach you. Simply head to "Settings" on the FLP360 mobile app and change your Language. 

We also know your team is growing every day! Now you will be notified every time someone fills out the "Contact Me" form on your website with push notifications! You can enable these notifications in your settings to keep you informed as new leads are added to your account. With the power that FLP360 has to keep you connected to all of your customers and downline members, you can make sure you're reaching all of the right people at all of the right times. 

Email Blaster

Share your latest news, remind your customers when it's time to place an order or send a personalized message to your prospects. Whatever message you decide to communicate with your contacts, the Email Blaster can help you get it there. 

Send bulk emails to your team or to all of your contacts at once. The Email Blaster allows you to send up to 250 emails per day! Plus, with numerous templates to choose from, you can tailor your message and its look for every email you send. Building a global business? Translate into one of the many languages supported by FLP360 to ensure your message is heard by your team around the world! 

Custom Reports 

Not only can you stay on top of communication with your downline team members, but you can also dive deeper into their Forever businesses. Easily view custom reports that allow you to see case credits, activity, proximity to incentives and much more! 

Each report you setup is generated automatically and sent to your email, so you can track growth across your team month over month or year over year. You can also view your data in charts that help you gain a new perspective on your business. 

There's much more you can do with FLP360! Don't miss out on the power that it has to ignite your biz! Learn more here.