Why our ambassadors love our aloe

Professional dancer Kristina Rihanoff and former England rugby star Ben Cohen have been Forever Living F.I.T. Ambassadors for a few years now, but their love for aloe and the Forever products goes back much further. We caught up with them to find out what they love most about this incredible plant and how they incorporate it into their daily lives.

When did you first discover the benefits of aloe? 

KR: I always knew about the healing powers of aloe. When I was growing up in Russia, my grandmother had a massive aloe plant in our apartment. If I had a little scratch or sore throat she would use the pulp or the juices and mix it with other herbs to make homemade remedies. It was known as the ‘magical pot’ and during cold Russian winters we all used aloe pulp mixed with honey on a daily basis as my grandma believed aloe could heal everything, including stopping us from getting coughs and colds! I first heard about Forever Living Products about four years ago from a friend. I was very intrigued to hear, once again, about the power of aloe. When I tried the products, they exceeded all expectations. I’m now a huge fan, loyal customer and proud Ambassador of Forever Living! 

BC: I first heard of Forever Living and the benefits of aloe vera over ten years ago! I knew someone who suffered from very bad skin and they started using the Forever products and the transformation to his skin was amazing! However, skincare wasn’t really a priority of mine back then, and it is only really since I have been with Kristina that I have learnt about the importance and benefits of skincare. I started using Forever Living’s aloe-based products because Kristina always had them in the house and I noticed how great they made me feel. Since then, I have gone on to discover the multitude of products in the range and I’m truly honoured to be a Forever F.I.T. Ambassador.

How does aloe make you feel when you drink the gels?

KR: I can honestly say the gel makes me feel amazing! I take it every morning on an empty stomach before breakfast. The gastrointestinal health benefits are truly remarkable, and I love how it sets me up for the day ahead.

BC: I take the Forever Freedom2Go every morning and the convenient pouch is perfect for when you are rushing around and need to take it with you. Drinking the gel every morning helps me feel so much better and I notice the difference in the appearance of my skin too.

Why do you love aloe as an ingredient in skincare?

KR: My skin responds really well to all Forever products. Being a dancer means I do tend to suffer from slightly dehydrated skin from excessive sweating. I also do a lot of hot yoga so that can exasperate the feeling of dry skin. The high concentration of aloe in Forever’s skin products leaves my skin feeling silky soft and hydrated. I have been using Infinite by Forever Advanced Skincare System since the summer and my skin loves it! 

What benefits has aloe brought to your general health and wellbeing?

KR: I love the impact that aloe has on my body, both inside and out. It is so rich in nutrients and great for supporting immunity which is particularly useful in the colder, winter months. 

BC: Aloe has become a big part of my daily routine and is great for digestion, particularly as I take it before breakfast on an empty stomach in the morning. I had a serious health scare earlier this year and it really made me reassess my overall health and wellbeing. Since aloe is known for supporting immune function, I am confident that drinking aloe is a great habit to have adopted as part of my lifestyle.