Win a Free Flight to FGR20 in Sydney!

Forever Global Rally is heading to Sydney, Australia and we’re giving you a chance to win a free flight to our most epic rally yet! Qantas Airlines is Forever’s corporate partner for #FGR20 and they’ve provided us with a pair of tickets to get one lucky couple there.  

So how can you win? Share on social media why you or someone you know deserves to go to Global Rally. You have until May 31st ! Using the hashtag #FGR20 and by tagging Forever Living Products (ForeverGlobalHQ) and Qantas, you’ll be entered for a chance to win. Forever will announce the winner in June.  

“Forever’s partnership with Qantas is an example of the lengths that we go to ensure that FBOs enjoy great service from the moment that they start their journey to our events,” says Forever’s Vice President of Communications Nick Woodward-Shaw. “At Forever, we are proud to be associated with this great, global company and trust that, together, we will succeed in showing the ‘Spirit Of Australia’ to many thousands of incredible Forever Business Owners.”  

In addition to the giveaway, Qantas is also offering special discount pricing for anyone attending Global Rally in 2020.  

Rally: the heartbeat of Forever  

Global Rally is an event like no other. Every year thousands of Forever Business Owners from over 160 countries for travel to an incredible destination for world-class entertainment, training and inspiration. If you’ve never experienced the energy and excitement of Global Rally, 2020 could be your year!  

Forever’s global events team works hard to make Rally better every year. This is where we unveil the latest products, bring in renowned speakers and bring FBOs on-stage to receive huge recognitions. Aside from booking travel, luxury accommodations and providing delicious meals, there’s a lot that goes into planning an event of such a grand scale.  

“At Forever, we pride ourselves on creating experiences like no other for our Business Owners,” Nick says. “Their commitment, hard work and passion for our products means that they deserve the very best incentive events. With this in mind, we go the extreme lengths to reward them. Each Forever Global Event is around three years in the making and involves hundreds of personnel, millions of dollars of investment and an attention to detail that makes every guest feels special and valued.”  

Global Rally isn’t just about the events, networking and training. Our founder Rex Maughan has always believed that travel helps to shape who we are as people. When you travel to a new part of the world and experience new cultures, it helps foster a deeper understanding of what it means to be part of not just a global business, but a global family.  

Imagine being surrounded by thousands of other Forever Business Owners from all over the world! It’s the kind of cultural experience that will broaden your perspective as a person and make you a stronger FBO.  

You don’t have to win if you qualify! 

Of course, the best way to get to Rally is by qualifying. If you’re familiar with the basic structure of the marketing plan, then you know that being active every month and achieving at least 1,500 case credits in a year will qualify you for Global Rally. By qualifying you’ll receive:  

  • Airfare, meals and hotel 

  • Attendance to all events  

  • Activity day  

  • Spending money  

When you break it down, that’s 125 case credits each month and 28.8 every week. Breaking it up like this makes the task feel far less daunting, especially when you consider the fact that your success is based on helping to improve the lives of others by helping them look and feel better. Hitting your weekly, monthly and yearly goals is as easy as staying active and motivated. 

Not everyone can win, but anyone can buy tickets to #FGR20 

Get to Gobal Rally in Sydney any way you can! We always make tickets available for non-qualifiers who want to experience our most exciting event of the year. Tickets almost always sell out quickly, so be sure to keep an eye out for your chance to buy tickets.  

See you in Sydney!  

Soak in all that Sydney has to offer from world-class beaches to incredible landmarks, like the Sydney Opera House, art museums or world class dining. Experience it all at Global Rally 2020!